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Cait reaction

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6 months later...

Remember the blog posted 6 months ago?

6 months later at Baby Fair!

Yes, if you remembered (or maybe not), hubby and wifey went to Taka baby fair and bought lots of stuff for Cait. And this time, they are back again to the same old place but to their disappointment, there's nothing to buy at all.

Just to be frank, it is not there's nothing to buy but because they do not know what to buy! Most of the stuff had been purchased way before and basically it is suitable for mummies-to-be. Hope everyone bought the stuff that they want!

While looking at the items, one of the mummy approached wifey about her purchase of the strawberry carrier. Hope that mummy found the forum link.

Cait looking at the toy items

Why Cait look at mummy this way?

Shy? (Cannot be!)

Guess she is sleepy tho

Looking at mummy again...

She does attract quite a number of people anywhere. 1 of the auntie suggested wifey to put a hat on Cait head because the aircon is quite strong in Taka. Luckily, she did not fuss at all... …

Cait really love screaming

If you ever watch Channel 55'當狗愛上貓' just look at the cat, Cancan, and compared to Cait. Hubby, wifey and mom agreed that they look so identically!

Here's the video if you are interested to see how Cancan look like.

Both of them had their own character, fair, attitude and rounded face!

Cait had been extremely naughty recently with her wonderful sharp screaming. When hubby and wifey went out to work, mom simply cannot stand her screaming! Is she recognising them already? She seem a little emo when they went bid goodbye and head off for work. And her next step, is scream.

Mom and wifey both agreed that Cait does not look like her age now. She seem like 8 months though. Hard to believe huh? Hubby turned on the video for everyone to watch when Cait was still in her first month yesterday night and everyone laughed non stop about her crying... her size... her bathing etc... Comparing to now... she is quite a monster!

Mom and Cait

Looking at the camera aimlessly

Cute yawning

Cheeky huh! …

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Cait love TV!

When wifey is alone taking care of Cait, everything seem to be very smooth. Maybe partly because wifey made Cait feel more comfortable?

These are what wifey shot when Cait was watching the TV. She does not seem to like cartoon show, instead preferred to dance along when Hi-5 show was air. It took quite a while for Cait to move along with the cartoon show, which wifey believe that it is the music that made her feel happy!

Wifey put Cait on the bed and let her watch TV

Look how engross she is

So serious huh!

Does Cait able to see everything from the TV this far?

Oh... maybe she does! Look... she is waving her arm

Looking so proud!

Addicted to TV?

Hmm... look at her...


The videos:

Cait enjoying the TV

Look at how engross she is

Damn relaxing. She love the Hi-5 music!

Oh... she like Hi 5????

Look at her expression towards the cartoon

Look at her foot shuffling... it made her sock fall off. haha

And wifey shot some funny image on Cait... hairband!

Angel Cait!!!

Wifey place the hair band onto Cait he…

Thunder and lightning scared Cait

Cait woke up at 12mn for her feed and it was about to rain soon. Hubby and wifey were about to go and sleep and quickly prepare her milk. Just when she was drinking, lightning struck and the flash is really bright!

Hubby almost pat her as to calm her down but it was too late. As the thunder was way too loud, Cait got a shock and started crying non stop! It was the first time she got scared so far. That thunder roar made mom and dad woke up from their sleep. Luckily Cait is brave enough, she calmed down about 5min later and continue her drink.

Hubby did not really sleep well because each time he saw the lightning, he will rushed to the room and hold on to Cait palm. Luckily the thunder was not as loud as the first time. So hubby was able to sleep well later on.

As for today, Cait had been fussing non stop. She slept 3 times in total but the duration is just 20min. She woke up at 6am until now, but hubby was wondering why she does not want to sleep longer.

When dad saw Cait trying to 'm…