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Hi and bye to the new bunk bed

The buying of bunk bed for the kids went wrong literally.

Having Cait sleeping on top, while Clar at the bottom will do them good as they do not need to share with their grandma. Yes, they are sharing together on the same bed.

Their grandma was saying that she do not have space to sleep because of them, the thought of bunk bed came into their mind. They shortlisted a few from the top range to the lowest.

Remember, kids will not sleep on bunk bed for long, so there is no reason why you should spend huge money for it.

They found a nice princess bunk bed at Novena, Sungei Kadut, at the price of $699! With all the mattress included, the cost is about 1K plus.

While the kids were very happy about it, this does not last long at all.

Instead of encouraging and giving more space for everyone, the grandma is paranoid about Cait may fall down from bunk bed, the good had turned to bad. In order to prevent that from happening, safety precautions had been applied - they installed bed guard rail fr…

DIY Pancake session at Nook

Cait requested for pancake, so wifey decided to bring the girls to do it together.

With friends help, they decided to go to Nook, the DIY pancake shop at Bukit Timah, a nice cosy dining environment.

The Ongies, along with hubby's mom and his sister with her son, Kyan, head up together and enjoy the making of pancake!

Not worry about Cait, but Clar. Since she is a bit clumsy, it is best to monitor her head to toe.

Cheaper option to get your Blackvue

Ever since hubby old in car dvvr had been down, he did not purchase it until reently.

He purchased the same old brand - Blackvue by Pittasoft.

Knowing the cons, due to it's heat issue, he did preferred this brand because of its high quality video footage.

Hubby had the old model, DR400, exchanged twice, but both still give a bad vignetting result. So he decided to drop one model down - DR380, with the advise from the seller.

With the help from his friend, he decided to strip the entire casing, leaving it bare totally. It works well until the day when washing car, someone had accidentally broke the chip board. (found with a thread attached)

Anyway, leaving it with no in car DVR on road can be risky. So hubby decided to purchased it again, but not locally.

Since he had the power cable and power magic pro installed previously, he can save on the installation charges.

Anyway, you still have to pay for the installation for the entire set, it is not expensive at all.

Where to find chea…

Happy Teacher Day

This post seem to be a little bit late, but Cait and Clar were very happy to give a kitkat to all teachers in the school.

Wifey had spent some time looking for a nice gift for the teachers, hence getting this kitkat wrappers for the teachers! It is specially made with their name on it, and their sweet wordings as well.