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Steamboat session

The Ongies opened their house for friends to drop by for steamboat is a great success!

Never did hubby knew that both parents were extremely happy seeing guest coming to their house. In short, they love entertaining, especially wifey.

Organising a small gathering at their place for steamboat is wonderful on Christmas day. The cooling weather also play a part of it! They were glad that all of them enjoy too!

The Ongies would like to thanks Carol, Jameson, Li Fung, Jin Feng and their domestic helper for coming by.

They were glad that everyone enjoyed themselves!

Let's dig in!

A small balloon for Cait by Carol

Ready, people?

All good food must end with yummy dessert!

Log cake from Swee Heng, Ice cream cake from Swensen by Jameson and family

2 yummg cakes!! Let's finish them up!!!

Playing cars... wow.. they really love diecasts cars

Jin Feng... hm.. i need more cars!

Cait trying to playing with forks

She trying to pass the fork to someone else


Carol lookingat Cait

Cait is…

Baking session

Who say you can bake cookies in school only? See, Cait is doing at home! But a little mess! 

It is Monday and wifey decided to bake some cookies with Cait.
Thanks to neighbor, Amy, who passed the recipe to her.

The result: fantastic!
Hubby really love it.

Cait was suppose to help out, but it seem like she is there to play.

She thought that the baking powder is the one to put on the body. And there, she kept on eating the chocolate chips!

It is fun and Cait is very amazed too!

Let's start!

Oh dear.. she took her granny spect!

Baking time!

*waiting waiting waiting*

yummy !

Guarding the oven

Wow! pretty!

Sitting there quietly

O... can't wait!

First attempt by wifey!

It taste good!

The blinking eye issue

It come to everyone attention that Cait had been trying to imitate the blinking to irritate mom, especially.

Cait know the different version of eyes in English, Chinese and Teochew. Therefore, if mom was saying about it, Cait will start irritating the rest. The more you scold and punish her, all the more she will do it on purpose.

The domestic helper do have blinking eye, but not as often. So, she had been told not to get too close to Cait and try to control it if she can. The pressure on her is quite heavy because mom is very concern about it.

Wifey told the helper in a nice way that it isn't her fault totally because Cait always love to peep at people and love to imitate what she seen. So any small habit each one show, Cait will pick up really fast!

Hubby was quite stressed when mom kept telling about Cait blinking eyes and he got fed up till he pinch softly on Cait  eye brow to remind her not to do it. But, Cait do it even frequently after she had been told off! Hubby also gave…

Praying to Cait's great grand parents

Wednesday is the official day for "Dong Zhi", but due to working schedule, everyone decided to pray on Sunday.

Mom had prepared quite a lot of food including her signature yummy curry.

This is also the first time they are praying to ah mah (hubby's grandma) at the temple because she had shifted house last month.

If it is death anniversary, praying must be done before 12 noon, whereby this is a festival, they can pray around 1pm. One of the uncle from the temple told them that it was very crowded in the morning. Even when buying food from markets, you can clearly see that everyone was rushing to get the flowers and food for praying today.

When it is time to seek permission from hubby's ah ma and ah gong, Cait is going to do it by throwing the 2 wooden curve banana shape on the floor.

Time to ask her great grand parents whether it is time for wrap up.

Trying hard... 1st: smooth, 2nd and 3rd, 'they' are smiling happily.

Still praying hard

After doing for 3 times…

Cait, the helpful cutesy girl

She really love and know how to help out with cleaning up the house.

And yesterday, she did it again...

Of course, let's enjoy her whining because she wanted people to carry her.

The small in-charge supervisor

Recently, the Ongies had decided to employ a maid to help out the house work because mom and dad are unable to cope. With Cait running around like energiser bunny, things are not easy at all. Furthermore, dad and mom are getting restless and older.

With the new domestic helper, everyone is chipping in to train her up. She is from Myanmar and her language is almost zero. Communication may be a big problem but luckily the Ongies are very patient to guide her slowly. They even bought her a Chinese-Myanmar and English-Myanmar dictionary and point out the words to her, at least guiding will not be problem.

The main responsibilities for the helper is to cope with the house work instead of Cait. Both hubby and wifey do not feel comfortable having the helper getting way too close to Cait at all. And also, Cait had been imitating the helper's eye blinking problem which cause mom feeling more paranoid.

But overall, the helper had been with them for 5 days and they are quite pleased with t…

Videos of Cait

She dance and dance, showing her very best... Ain't she cute?

Her whining moment

Is she doing some fortune telling? Apparently, that's what she been doing recently. Calculating and her sly look to the side.

There, she shake and shake her body!

Lastly, yesterday, they asked her if she wanted to have ribena? Vitagen? There, she nod very sweetly.

Even asked her if she like the food in Teochew, she reply:"Hor...." (Yes in Mandarin) in a very dragging and cute tone.

Trip to Funan

Last Saturday, hubby was extremely happy to step in Funan mall! Although there's nothing to buy, he still feel contented especially walking around Challenger store.

They were in town because of buying the Myanmar translation book due to the arrival of maid on Sunday.

As they were window shopping in Funan after Peninsula Plaza, they saw a puppet show going on.
Cait was only interested for 10min or so, then they decided to move on because she is feeling tired.

Dad was not working on Saturday noon, so he is pleased that he get a chance to do some window shopping with them. It is lucky that he was there to help carry Cait too!

Cait and her grandpa. Ain't she sweet?

Looking at some show from 2nd level

Oh.. a puppet show!

Hug please... she wanted it badly!

Looking at it seriously

Her funny sly look

She made a big mistake by dropping the chair onto the floor, thus standing in attention manner as if she is in army.

Knowing wifey will scold her for doing that, she peeped back with her ultimate sly look! She turned her head slowly, but yet do not dare to look at wifey, so her eyes are parked at the corner to check the situation.

Given that scenario, wifey had to burst out into laughter than scolding her.

Cait know everything! (as if) Her way of doing things resemble like an adult instead. Although, speech is a little slow, but her motoring skill is way superb. Different kids have their own strong point, so it i best not to compare this and that. Proper guidance is a must, but whether they wanted to do it or not, that will take some times and let's not rush on anything.

Hubby and wifey decided to bring Cait to a school and they are looking around nearby so that mom will not be so tired carrying Cait around to and fro.

Meanwhile, the Ongies, also decided to get a maid to lessen th…


She have a powerful leg for all those who know. Her kick indeed let the play yard opened up! Oh dear..

Really wonder how she can kick until like that!

This is what she is doing at home today on Monday with wifey.

What is she looking for?

The gate is not safe proof for kids! The answer as shown below!

She is super spider Cait!

Looking out there aimlessly.

Looking at the burning bin
She wanted to go near but it is too hot for her. Therefore she can only look at it from far.

Earlier noon, wifey decided to take a rest, hence turn off the tv, took a pillow and suddenly, Cait whining of "eh .. eh.." start! Wifey is extremely exhausted!

Switching channels

The small gap fit Cait well enough. How interesting that she is able to squeeze herself in and found out that, it is nothing in there!

Apparently, she is hiding behind the bed frame.

Guess she is bored in there