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The preparation stage to HK and the park

The Ongies are very excited for the trip this coming Sunday.

Wifey, is the only person who had been planning for this trip. From booking of flight, hotels, transport to tickets for cable car and disneyland, and the food!

Wow. Hubby totally kudos on her research! Well, that's why she is in this line!

So, what is hubby doing?!

Let's not get into that, ok?
Anyway, photo taking and video filming will be done by him after coming back from Hong Kong.

Hubby had been very busy lately, work and personal. Importantly, it is a must for hubby to go to temple to inform that they are traveling. Safe and sound.

The kids, of course, know that they are going to Hong Kong, but, they did not know what is that at all. They have not sat on the plane before, so this is going to be challenging. Finger cross, ya?

Saturday and Sunday
Orchard Road had been hubby and wifey favorite hang out since young. Since being the parents, they tried not to go there so often, carpark, ERP and food is the major costi…

Huat ah! Lao Yu Sheng time!

It is time for Lao Yu Sheng!

Ingredient was bought from NTUC,  great effort by wifey because she sliced the carrot and cucumber effortlessly.

This particular Yu Sheng, by Chen Shi Fu, contained apple sauce rather than the original plum sauce; it taste marvelous great!

This is the first time hubby is able to finish a bowl of Yu Sheng!

When pouring the ingredients, auspicious sentences must be said to bring more lucks when flipping the food on plate.

Cait and Clar were so excited about it and they kept screaming non stop: "Time to lao Yu Sheng!!!!"

During the flipping, rotating or whatever you want to describe, everyone must say lots of good luck sentences. Everyone require luck; wealth, health, harmony, happy, career and lots more!

Thanks wifey for making this happen.

Good luck will come, Huat Ah!

Busy CNY weekend and praying Tai Sui 2013

It was a very busy weekend with tight timing; glad that it is over and finally having the time to share with the readers.

The two beautiful girls sitting side by side.
Cait offered to accompanied Clar as she was punished to sit there. The two girls are in close relationship.

Hubbies, mummies and kids gathering It had been sometimes since the hubbies, mummies and the kids gathered, so everyone decided that Saturday is the best date. It is the great time to catch up and for the bonding too.

The girls, although surrounded by the boys, are no stranger to them, especially Cait. Ever since her start of extra lesson in school - speech and drama, she seem quite talkative, and more approachable than before.

She tend to play herself instead of hiding behind mummy back, which is what Clar was doing initially, until later on.

After getting themselves warm up, the two girls can played on their own, only Clar will complain a little that someone had taken over her play toy. While the 3 elder…