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Cait Birthday Party Chalet


Parties, parties and PARTIES!

Both hubby and wifey would like to say Happy Birthday to Kerryn and Nadia!

It is a truly tiring day for them as they have to attend 2 parties on the same day! In the morning as usual, hubby with send mom to work after having breakfast with wifey and Cait.
Mom's boss love to see Cait, but he was a little too late due to long meeting at Tong Ji Yi Yuan. Hence, hubby and wifey make a move to Funan Digital IT Mall first before hitting Kris's place. It had been a long time since hubby step into Funan and he was overwhelmed like a little kid walking around looking at IT gadget.

Yea... He had fear that his camera will fail on him, thus wanted to ask for camera price at Cathay Photo and The Camera Workshop. Hubby did changed a lot by not spending on unnecessary items but this time round, he kept holding on his fear, especially on Cait's Birthday!

It was a rush window shopping and they quickly get into the car and head down to Kris's house for Kerryn Birthday party.

It is the firs…

Qing Ming Festival experience for Cait

Qing Ming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) occur once a year. It is like Chinese New Year by cleaning up the area, offering and burning notes for them to use in the netherworld.

Hubby was very happy that wifey is able to join the rest on Sunday. Yes, wifey have to work on Sunday, so there are a lot of occasion, gathering and meeting she have to give amiss. Although the festival fall on next week, but there are a lot of people prefer to do the tomb sweeping 1-2 weeks in advance.

The whole place in Lim Chu Kang Cemetery will be over-crowded if everyone drive in, so there are Police to halt the cars and the people have to walk in themselves! Just imagine, carrying the heavy items, some elderly and young kids are really tiring!

Usually for hubby's mom side, they prefer to do it 2 weeks in advance to prevent such incident occur. But this year, hubby and the rest of the relatives were shocked to see that there are a lot of people around too. It is triple times as compared to last year!

Also, …