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Clar new toy

She got a new toy!
This is bought by grandma for Clar, but Cait thought it is for her.

She also insisted not to let Clar use it at all. How ironic, huh?

She love the steering wheel

She got it

She love the side mirror!

Cait and Clar Aug 27 - Portrait

Cait and Clar Aug 27 - Portrait, a photo by Boon Ong on Flickr. Via Flickr:
Week 3

Trip to NEX shopping mall

It was a nice Saturday weekend after the Presidential voting. The Ongies decided to head up to NEX, Serangoon for their brunch. Parents did not go there at all, hence the thought of bringing them as well.

There's a long queue outside the NEX carpark, so hubby decided to park it at the HDB area. But, since it is a holiday weekend, you are advised not to park at the white/ red lot.

So he decided to park at NEX. Alas, all cars entered the shopping mall faster than he thought! Within 10min, he got the lot.

They were having hard time where to eat initially. In the end, they decided to have it at Grandma's restaurant. Which had been recommended by lots of people too.

There's no regret at all!

Raise up?

Smile, jie

Yo, Whats up man.

Cait was doing fine in the restaurant, just that she had been a little too playful with the utensils. And, she insisted feeding her too! But the remaining time, will be playing of the food. They tried their best to control her because of her swift moti…

School trip - Zoo!

Although this is not her first time to the zoo, but it is her first excursion with the school! She was so excited on that day, especially knowing that hubby took a day leave to accompany her!

The school trip to the zoo is fabulous, not only they get to see lots of animals, their bond is also stronger than before.

In the morning, everything is so chaotic because the teachers were busying receiving the kids and ensuring all them were settled down; while the principal have to ensure the bus arrive on time and checking out on the weather.

It was a gloomy day; according to the principal that the payment will be refunded if it really rain.

Some parents were so excited to go with their kids, while 1 or 2 join in at the very last min. But, their wish did come true because of the seating capacity in the bus. Bus driver would rather not fetch than having the bus being overcrowded.

Hubby was one of the unfortunate parents who had been approached by the principal. Luckily, he is able to drive th…