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Cait with family to Vienna for buffet!

Granny finally have her wish to go for buffet! This time: at Vienna!

It is lucky that wifey had the table booked and talk to the staff that if they can squeeze out the 9 adults seat for them. Thanks to Vienna staff, they managed to get it for them. Hubby and wifey were shocked that how come there's so many people out of sudden?! It is not easy to get the food you want, especially for the oyster!

Hubby had to wait and snatched it when the oyster is out from the cutting area. Everyone had one oyster at least and they are extremely happy with it. After the 5th round, the chef stop opening up the oyster which led a lot of people with disappointment. Nevertheless, granny and aunts were so happy with the food.

Not to forget that dad also came down for this splendid brunch!
Wifey's brothers also managed to come down as well! It is great and happy to see everyone enjoying the food to the max.

When Vienna's staff knew that granny is on wheelchair, they decided to let her go in first bec…

Relative post X'mas gathering

Last Saturday, hubby's 6th aunt host a post X'mas gathering at her condo and of course Cait is excited over it. So, for the start, she need to have her beauty sleep.

Coolios Cait with her sunglasses

Posing with the Xmas tree

Checking out first

Ops... something scared her?

Oh.. the ball! Pretty huh!

Wifey is trying to....

Cait look like BIG BOSS wor...

Family Pix

Cait checking out the Xmas bells

Ha! After observing, she can take it!

Cait the Judge

This judge look sweet in this clothing huh!

What a face!

Happy at the slide when wifey carried her to the middle of the pool

Checking each other out?

Family pix in the middle of the pool

Posing together

It is not easy to have Cait looking infront

Nephew running around

Mom with Cait 1

Mom with Cait 2

Mom with Cait 3

Mom with Cait 4

With the water

Cait checking out the flowing water

Cait is impressed

Playing with the water

She must be so curious abt the water


Cait... can you look infront?

Oh.. Finally you look in front huh.

She is checking out the funny looking…