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For contractor or interior designer?

It is about time to rev up this blog post after a long rest. Just trying to keep low profile (chuckles)

To share with everyone, it is official now.

The Ongies is MOVING!

After staying so long at the current place, they decided to move on to another and bigger space!

For a heads up, the house is resale and the entire house is 90s designed. Just imagine the olden days, you get the right picture in your mind.

In order to move in, it is a must to renovate the entire house.

So, this is where the headache comes in.

Contractor or interior designer?

For most people, they would rather choose contractor because cost is the most important among all.
When you decided to engage a contractor, make sure you know who you are dealing with and also do some background check.

If you are looking for one, ask your friend. Because among your 100 friends, there will at least 2 friends know a contractor. Another best bet - facebook is your ally.

It is the same thing when you are engaging an interior designer.

Parents should go on holiday because you deserve a break

It is good to take a break - a getaway - once a while for all parents who are 'burnt-out' taking care of kids or work.

It is not necessary to go on holiday with your spouse, but with your close friends because all of you deserve a break.

There are a lot of pressure looking after the kids, work and family. Some times, you have no idea why would you want to flare up because the inner self just want to burst out for no reason. When that happens, that is the time to go on for a holiday trip.

Everyone have to learn to let go especially the work and kids.

Wifey enjoyed her Korea holiday trip with her friends and it lighten up her mood ever since she came back.

Although the holiday is all about walking non stop and feeling tired, but the feeling of - do not need to look after your spouse and kids, are the most comfortable moment.

You might not get used to it for just the first few minute, but soon, you are just like a bird flying happily outside of the cage.

The trust is needed Entrus…