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Kids gathering

Another great day to hang out at: Changi Airport T3 and T1.

Just before their dear friend is going for labor this week, everyone decided to head up to Changi airport for meet up and kids gathering.

Changi airport had been a great place for the kids because the space is big enough for the kids to play. But of course, do practice safety - crowds and trolleys.

Over at terminal 3, the playground is one of the kids favorite. Cait was so excited to play with Jinfeng, she kept calling non stop for him.

At the same time, she also interested in the skate scooter Jinfeng was playing around the playground area. She got the chance to use it, but not that skillful. She requested for it and hubby told her that she can buy using her own money. She agreed.

When the two boys, Jinfeng and ranger X met up, both of them will skate the whole area around the place. Cait complained for being left out.

The next gathering will be slight longer than before.

The Ongies would like to congrats Sow family for their…

Family gathering at Jurong Safra

Jurong Safra bbq pit

BBQ provider:
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It was raining when everyone arrived at Jurong Safra on the BBQ day. Hubby checked out the pit area, but was very disappointed.

The top shelter did not cover the entire pit area, instead there's water dripping on the pit. Yeah, talking about great design for that, it will be appropriate if the shelter can extend at least another 0.5 meter.

By great luck, the rain begun to stop and it is getting smaller by every min, and that means: BBQ shall start now!

BBQ is not just about eating and grilling. It is a form of family bonding as well.

Small talks helps, especially when helping to clear the tables, setting up the charcoals, and making fun with the kids.

It is important that the kids, either older or younger, to mix around. For all you know, they might be having lots of fun together. But, bear in mind, always have your eyes checking on them every 5-10min.  

There are a total of 3 pavilions, with 2 pits in it. That means, you …

Qing ming festival

Every year, without fail, the relatives will gather and head up to Lim Chu Kang cemetery to pay a 'visit' to their grandfather during qing ming festival.

It is nothing new for Cait and Clar to go there. They may not know who is it and what is this place all about. Guessed that no one actually explain because Cait didn't asked.

In order to beat the crowds, massive jams, and burning of papers, all of them decided to head up 2 weeks earlier. Hubby remembered that only small vehicles are allow to go in, which is his uncle's. For hubby's dad bus, no way.

Heading earlier is a good thing, there are not a lot of many people, vehicles and very peaceful.

As usual, they will open up 2 tents:
For ah gong and for the rest of them.

Praying to ah gong

They bought a lot of foods and drinks to picnic in cemetery, yes, you hear it.. Picnic in cemetery.

There's nothing to be afraid of, it became so common until some others did follow suit as well. If hubby was not mistaken, it i…