Family gathering at Jurong Safra

Jurong Safra bbq pit 

BBQ provider:
BBQ Wholesales

It was raining when everyone arrived at Jurong Safra on the BBQ day. Hubby checked out the pit area, but was very disappointed.

The top shelter did not cover the entire pit area, instead there's water dripping on the pit. Yeah, talking about great design for that, it will be appropriate if the shelter can extend at least another 0.5 meter.

By great luck, the rain begun to stop and it is getting smaller by every min, and that means: BBQ shall start now!

BBQ is not just about eating and grilling. It is a form of family bonding as well.

Small talks helps, especially when helping to clear the tables, setting up the charcoals, and making fun with the kids.

It is important that the kids, either older or younger, to mix around. For all you know, they might be having lots of fun together. But, bear in mind, always have your eyes checking on them every 5-10min.  

There are a total of 3 pavilions, with 2 pits in it. That means, you can have the entire pavilion by yourself if you booked 2 pits.

It will be a lot spacious. and more privacy.

Mar 29 2013

Mar 29 2013 (1)

Mar 29 2013 (2)

Mar 29 2013 (3)

Mar 29 2013 (4)

Mar 29 2013 (5)

Mar 29 2013 (6)

Mar 29 2013 (7)

Mar 29 2013 (8)

For this BBQ session, they ordered some items from BBQ Wholesales, as well as smokeless charcoal - you be glad having that.

One of the must try items that you must have:
Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wing!

It is so delicious that hubby regretted that there is only just one box.

Other than the BBQ items, the elderly also brought in vegetable soup and curry chicken! Special highlight for this BBQ session. You will not go hungry for sure.

Mar 29 2013 (10)

Mar 29 2013 (12)

Mar 29 2013 (13)
Cait is starting for some BBQ.

Mar 29 2013 (15)
Sambal sotong and stingray - do not overcooked it! The sauce will dried up, and does not taste that good at all, if you know how to do it right.

Mar 29 2013 (16)
Satay, one of the must buy items after the yummy wings.

Mar 29 2013 (19)

Family BBQ competition?

Mar 29 2013 (21)

Mar 29 2013 (22)

The kids will not enjoy the BBQ at all, so they have to eat with soup and rice instead. They know it is a wonderful occasion, hence the mouth does not stop eating... right.. tibits.

While wifey had BBQ a marshmallow, most of the kids, including Cait, wanted to try it! Apparently, Cait preferred the non BBQ one.

Mar 29 2013 (23)

Mar 29 2013 (25)

Mar 29 2013 (28)

Mar 29 2013 (29)

Mar 29 2013 (31)

Taking an opportunity to celebrate Cait birthday as well. She will be celebrating with hubby aunt as well! Their birthday is just one day apart. and they gotten the cake from Jack's Place in Safra.

Cakes from Jack's place are delicious! It worth every penny to get them even though they are the only place to sell the cakes there. Everyone was not disappointed at all.

Mar 29 2013 (32)

Mar 29 2013 (33)

Mar 29 2013 (35)

Mar 29 2013 (38)
The happy Ongies

Mar 29 2013 (40)
Aunt with her grandchildren and others.

Mar 29 2013 (41)

Photography tips:

It is advisable to use slight high ISO if you can, if not just use the flash.

Other than taking images after images, why not do something interesting? Like drawing on it?

Hubby had did it years ago when he is using Panasonic FZ2, and he drew a word: Lumix. He is one of the first to start this long exposure writing. But he was surprised that there are quite a number of people doing the same thing! No idea who they followed tho.

Anyway, to get this interesting shot, be sure you have the maximum shutter speed, F3.2 and above, lowest ISO too.

Use the timer when you hit shutter button.

Ensure you are in safe zone, do not go out of the frame. Lit up the fireworks stick and draw the pattern. (yeah, the kids LOVE it so much!!!)

Mar 29 2013 (49)

Mar 29 2013 (50)

Mar 29 2013 (51)
Ain't easy to draw something like that... yea.. it is actually wording.

Cait and Clar.

As this is using firework stick, it is nearly impossible to hide the light, so everything seem very cursive. Of course, you MUST remember to write in mirror image pattern.

Mar 29 2013 (52)

Mar 29 2013 (53)
Happy B'day written using the hand phone light.
Every letter written, hubby will use his hand to cover the light, so that the letter is shown clearly.

Give yourself a try if you think this is interesting!


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