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Blue letter given and admitting on Wed.

The official blue letter from Dr Adrian which is to pass to TMC on Wednesday when wifey admitting at 3pm. So hubby have to take 3 days leave until next Monday. Cervix had been opened and dilated for 1cm.

Dr Adrian knew that we do not want Caitlyne to be 1st Apr baby tho. So, most likely she will be on 2nd Apr baby in the midnight hour. It will be quite messy on that day as mom will be following them to hospital as well. Maybe dad can only see his grand daughter when he reached home from work, or perhaps before he go out to work in the morning.

Necessary things had been covered, so all are set and ready for Wednesday!

Of course, both hubby and wifey went to enjoy their last time for been just the two of them. Great swensen lunch and movie.



and... the food!

Preparation of Princess arrival

Hubby had no idea why that he got some sort of feeling that Dr Adrian might ask wifey to go to hospital tomorrow night. Well, hoping that it will still be on Thursday. It seem like everyone is anticipating so much like as if they are heading to other country and enjoy. But apparently, no because it is heading to hospital and come back with a new life. How interesting it may seen.

Of course, they also start preparing by getting the stuff out to air it due to some sort of storage smell. Early morning, dad and hubby head to temple and pray for the safety; in the noon, whole family to Punggol. Wifey also gotten her items from KP this noon which she ordered from USA.

These are what she bought except for one more, which has not arrive yet.


Bra pads and of course, there's 2 sample storage bags to store the breast milk. The white tag on top of the bag is to write down the information as when this milk is stored.

Baby bjorn air carrier in grey white series. Beautiful and neat.

And yes, the…


Early morning shot before heading out to KKH to sign the donation of cord blood to Singapore Cord Blood Bank.

As wifey felt so hungry, they decided to have their morning breakfast at Mac in KKH. While they were enjoying the food halfway, wifey felt there's sudden pain and cramp in her tummy. She decided not to carry on eating and wanted to rest. As she told hubby when they are home already, the contraction should be below and not really top, so it might due to oily food in the morning. Which is quite unlikely... But the pain just do not go away for past 30min or so. Quickly, hubby passed the phone to wifey and call up to Dr Adrian.

According to him, if she do not feel the pain after 2hours with the baby moving in there, nothing to worry at all. Soon wifey doze off and do not felt any pain when she woke up. but after eating some food, she felt the pain once again! If the pain still going to be there for another 1hr +, they got to call up to Dr Adrian again.

Wifey surfing SMH forum on…

little updates

Ultrasound shown at Dr Adrian clinic that baby is not growing. Thus emergency scan had to be done at TMC immediately.

The top of the head: Ok

The bone: OK

Stomach: Ok

One of the blood flowing in baby body, the graph showing the flow of blood with sound heard : OK

Can't rem where is this tho.

Right side of the baby body showing the blood flow

Left side of the baby body showing the blood flow

That's the side view of the baby. (Where the time she stick her tongue out. Cheeky huh!)

At the same time, not knowingly about the due date, mom had just washed the final batch of clothing.

The small little mittens are so cute =) Anyway, this is the 2nd batch of stuff given by 4th aunt.

Clothes hanging on top which had been washed yesterday noon. Never did mom know that all these come in handy for baby to wear next week onwards.

The overall look of the clothing!

Of course, last but not least, wifey on her 36th plus week pregnancy photo.

Graceful wifey in the morning shot.

Wifey on her 36th weeks. Cheerful…

The moment of truth!

The 'dry run' yesterday is indeed useful and finally hubby understand the reason why Caitlyne want to stick her tongue out! There's every reason why these happens. The look into the single room made both of them felt so tempted to get it!

Earlier on, hubby and wifey went to TMC, CCK to pay a visit to Dr Adrian which he requested them to go yesterday. The wait is ultra long as there's too many globes around, it is much insane then the usual Saturday morning.

Knowing that Cait cait is fine, both of them are not so anxious at all and still got time to joke that Dr Adrian will just have 2 sentences and then "see you next week". But it end up... NO!

To state things right, Dr Adrian did not say anything negative about the baby after reading the report. He even agreed that everything is fine but the only thing is that he said that the baby is not growing well in the enviroment because she is just not gaining any weight and on the small side. Since everything have been…

Maybe it is a prank from Caitlyne???

For a start, let's go through the current situation of hubby study room whereby almost all of it had been conquered by Caitlyne stuff.

The room is getting messy and there's too many things lying around.

85% of items shown in here belong to baby Cait's.


As for today, been the normal visit to Dr Adrian clinic ended up something that they were not prepare of! It was lucky that hubby took the leave today to accompany wifey because everyone, including mom, went to hospital for emergency scan.

Dr Adrian style of speaking to wifey never change when they entered the room, e.g. "How are you? Have you been eating well? Ok? Come, we do a scan for the baby." It is unusual for Dr Adrian to ask if wifey is free later on without saying the reason why. After a while, he told both hubby and wifey that she need to go to TMC today and do emergency scan due to the fact that the baby is not growing much from previous visit. She was at 2.3kg (last Saturday) and today 2.4kg, which…

Interesting things to share share!

Wifey experienced weird crampy sensations today. It started aound 2.15pm after she had lunch and by 2.30pm it was still painful so she called Hubby to tell him about it. They continued to monitor and Wifey also seeked the advice of other mummies on the forum, and decided to observe the pain.

The pain finally subsided at about 7.30pm and Wifey was quite relieved to finally be able to take a short break from the cramps. Wifey got a bit worried and wondered about the actual contractions and labour!

Wifey was surfing online and came across this blog and the socks look so cute! It's selling for $10.50 for 3 pairs, and upon further surfing, Wifey found the same items selling for $8/3 pairs! Even better bargain from a seller on SMH :)

There's also unisex version.

Also, Wifey found some teething toys and other cute items.

Aren't they all adorable?

Also, congrats to Marie from SMH who is gonna pop tomorrow morning! So excited for her, and here's wishing Mummy and Baby Xander a smo…