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Reunion Dinner

This coming Year of Tiger is the first time Cait will be celebrating with the family! It is also the first time Cait will start receiving ang pow during CNY period onwards!
Maybe in future, Cait saving will be richer than her parents! How amazing huh?

In the morning, hubby along with wifey and mom went to Queens St (Waterloo St) for praying and saw a lot of decor at the street, hence quickly get a shot of Cait photo!

Cait enjoying her first CNY! Quick, must have a pic!

What a stupid pose and look huh!

Look front, please...

Cait just enjoy biting

Since morning till noon, Cait did not rest at all. The usual time for her nap is 9-10am. But yesterday, she only start sleeping at 1pm plus! She need to find her most comfortable position in order to sleep. It is quite hard initially until wifey decided to lie her flat on her thigh. Within seconds, Cait entered the dreams.

So tired till she can sleep like that huh? She is long gone in her dream tho... People surrounded wifey for chit chat session abt…

The Ongies being interviewed!

Mother & Baby Magazine

The Ongies are featured in Feb 2010 issue of Mother & Baby magazine! Grab your copy now! =)

Hubby's friend who is a columnist mentioned couple months back that he might interview them but nothing was confirm until 1 month back or so.
They submitted couple of photos as requested but only the family shot was published.

Let's see if Cait will be talent spotted after this publication! (Laugh)

Interviewed by Noel Boyd from Mother and Baby Magazine.

Cait is completely hidden by hubby!

Hubby always scold people for brushing his side when carrying Cait. It was till wifey explained that it is because they cannot see Cait in front of him at all. This is due to his big big size! Good for protection huh?

Carrying Cait on baby bjorn... finally using this after so long

Does not like there's a baby in front, right?!

And... turn around!! Cait smiling.. haha (Look at her 10 teeth!!!! Like sword fish huh!)

Presenting you.... Cait's ART!

Another resting day for hubby as they are going out to buy some CNY clothing. While blogging in room, mom shouted loudly at Cait! Look at the photo as an evidence.

Clever Cait pulled out the telephone socket box in the morning!

That's how she bite..... Look at the bite mark created by Cait.

Close look at the bite mark! 7 teeth showing but actually she have 10!

Cait love to roam around the house and this is one of her favourite room to 'visit'.

She love to pull and take things in there. And there a lot of dangerous area for her as well.

She might pull the items and suddenly drop on her hand.

She almost had her hand crush when she attempt to close back the drawer that she open herself.

It is a no-no for her to be inside alone as there are too many electrical sockets around.

Monitor speaker is mount on top of the speaker stand and it might topple off if Cait give a hard push.

Above are the reason to keep Cait away with the use of the gate.

Cait's first Chinese New Year!

Chinatown is no stranger to Cait because hubby and wifey will be there almost every Saturday as mom is working there. As Chinese New Year is around the corner, Chinatown is up with all the beautiful decor along the road. Later at night, there will be event going on for lighting up the entire decor. Not to forget, firecracker as well.

Dad also drop by to Chinatown and so, wifey and hubby tag along with him to shop around the small stalls along the stretch of road that sell all the wonderful and beautiful Chinese New Year goodies and food. It is fun to walk around with Cait and have her first feel of the Chinese New Year atmosphere! But weather is harsh! Maybe going back there again at night will be appropriate, especially 5-7pm period.

It is about 5hrs to the event and as the time is way too long, they decided not to stay until the event start. Cait will be extremely exhausted by then.

Cait is celebrating her first CNY! Welcome to Chinatown!

What an expression from her huh!

She is so excit…