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Happy Goat Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

Everyone will be receiving the Master Goat in few hour times.

Those who are not in luck yet, The Ongies hope you will be soon, them as well.

May everyone huat, and smooth throughout the year.

Both Cait and Clar enjoyed their trip to Chinatown recently and they were so anticipating  toward CNY celebration.

It is not about receiving ang bao, but the goodies where they can munch non stop.

Despite that, it is very important for all parents to keep in mind that kids must drink plently of plain water. This is to prevent them from falling sick.

Clar had heaty body because of her food intake recently, that result having nose bleed.

Everyone had 'cleared' from the 'virus' in the house lately - just in time for CNY goodies. (Terrific)

May all kids get more ang bao, and adults catching up with other relatives as well. Networking! =)

It is a perfect long weekend for everyone!

Huat ah!

p.s. To prevent from falling asleep or being busy, hubby deci…

How to stop the blood bleeding non stop from the tongue?

The cheerful Clar had always been a clumsy one. Not only she easily fall down while walking, she always get cuts as well - as such, she is an accident prone.

It started with a nice cooling morning when Cait and Clar woke up earlier than before and prepare to go to school.

Wifey was down with severe cold after hubby. Thanks goodness she recovered 95% that day.

Knowing that their mummy fallen sick and bedridden for one whole day, the day before, the kids are sensible as not to disturb wifey. How sweet.

But sweetness ends when wifey received a phone call from the school reporting that Clar had accidentally bite her tongue during lunch time, and she had been bleeding for the past 2 hrs and it seem hard to stop the bleeding.

Wifey requested the teacher to put the lavender oil on Clar mouth, as that will help to stop the bleeding. But as to respect the school policy, the teachers are not authorize to put anything inside the student mouth.

So they went to school immediately and bring her ho…