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Gynae visit #7

Lil one again facing down and everything is fine. Worth the long waiting.

According to Dr Adrian, lil one should be ger since he told hubby and wifey that lil one did open to let everyone see. Full 100% confirmation will be 2 wks later for wifey full detail scan.

Hello to my princess girl!

Of course, this gonna be something interesting. Wifey told lil one to be nice and let everyone see if you are a boy or girl. Be nice and wifey will eat something nice. Apparently, this greedy lil one did open.

As wifey did some research that usually boy will look like mommy and girl will look like daddy. Wifey told lil one that if you want to be like daddy? There's slight little movement! But, when ask if want to look at mommy? No movement! LOL

Because of hubby eyes and look like poohie, how will lil one look like?! Fret not, as hubby said, she definetly look cute! *hubby laff*

Lil one had been very naughty this few days as she had been moving in the middle of night and of course, hubby feel it too! …

Interesting stuff for all mommy!

Hubby was listening to radio while driving to work this morning when Flying Dutchman were talking about babykeeper. It is quite an interesting concept whereby if mommy or, maybe father in need to go to loo to settle some stuff, they can simply hang their baby on the door! Ok, not the baby itself but the keeper.

So, how do you think? Incredible design?

Maybe mommy out there should just get one because you never know where you need it.

By the way,

it protect your child on shopping cart as well.

In total, it's a 3 in 1 handy babykeeper. Why is this so since there's only 2 in the blog?

The final one whereby you can carry your child around. Smart!

Go to MommySential now and view it. Hubby is not trying to promote tho, but he felt that everyone should know about this. Thanks to Flying Dutchman and Glenn Ong talking about the Babykeeper this morning.

Something new

Something that both hubby and wifey learn when they went to collect the baby cot last week.

Pregnant woman are not allow to touch the baby who are not 1 year old yet. This might cause the baby to be sick tho, but how true will that be? Hubby rather believe it then chose to be daring.

Hubby was so playful that after trying to fix wifey paste price tagger, he tag on her! This is bad, really bad. For Chinese who believe, auspicious time is one of the important thing to take note. Such thing might cause harm to lil one in womb. Though some might find it hard to believe but, it is good to understand.

Wifey appetite turn better each and every day though some of those days, she just felt sick.

This morning, wifey told hubby to touch her big tummy and it seem like, maybe due to sleeping position, left side of her tummy is harder then right! Maybe lil one moved to the left since last night? Wifey found out that most of her clothing is getting smaller and much impossible to wear it very soon due t…

Nice baby cot!

It had been a long time since wifey took a photo of herself.

Happy wifey going to work. Going 5 month soon! You can see it clearly from her tummy! :)

Anyway, hubby and wifey gotten a preloved baby cot from someone else. They were so happy after setting up the cot, the condition is almost brand new and the previous owner did not use so much as baby prefer to sleep with the parents. Hubby love the most is the panel whereby the baby can change the diaper. This is because all of them do not need to bend down so much just to change it.

Thanks to hubby's dad who found out how to set the cot. It is not easy as they were told that, the previous owner had a great headache while assembling it. Many thanks to them.

Finally everyone managed to assemble the baby cot. It is not easy tho because it is not as simple as everyone thought. Luckily for hubby dad, he managed to solve it! And there you go... the cosy baby cot!

The overall is neat and very clean. Glad that we gotten this cot for free. In exc…

Gynae visit #6 photo

Lil one head is resting down with back facing to the view. Lil one leg is on top and for that, hubby and wifey do not know the gender of this mischievous baby. hee

Wifey had great craving towards food like egg beancurd, nasi lemak and there are a lot more! Good to see that wifey is getting good appetite.

Lightning and Rain

Argh!! Wifey was typing the post and was ready to publish it, so she click on preview and all the contents disappeared!!! So she is irritated now.

Lightning and thunderstorm right now and wifey is posting cos of hubby's insistent nagging these few days.

Generally wifey been feeling alot better lately, can eat more things, more variety and more quantity as well. Still gotta avoid some strong smelling and oily food as lil one has a healthy palate.. Not much cravings yet, but wifey did feel the urge to eat more fruits like banana, cold sweet apples, grapes and many more fruits..

Friends and colls have been supportive and helping take care of wifey as well, telling her to eat more nutritious foods, not to be too superstitious and also to exercise more for a smoother delivery. But there have also been some, who are scaring wifey with tales of preggies using scissors, glue, staple, stotch-tape.. blah blah.. and the horrendous things that happened to their babies.. How to avoid all those t…

Advance Gynae check up #6

As wifey had some discharge, she went to Dr Adrian for the 2nd time in these 2 weeks. Since this is the 2nd time wifey went, the next appointment for #7 will be 3 weeks later from yesterday.

Everything is fine after the ultrasound checking on lil one. Hubby did not bring the photo to work, so there's no image show. Lil one is quite naughty as it is facing downwards with back facing out. Anyway, it is still not the time to check the gender of the lil one.

Wifey got scolded by mom because she went to Bukit Panjang Plaza and bought so many things which is quite heavy! Plus, it is raining at that moment and mom was so terrified when she saw wifey standing at the door step with 2 big bags and drenched!

Dr Adrian also ensure wifey is ok due to her spine aching because lil one will be heavier each and everyday.

It seem cute and funny that next year after May onwards, both hubby and wifey will be carrying lil one out for shopping and meeting friends. As mom said, as if everyone is going to …