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On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year

Here's the continuation of Chinese New Year visit and photos.

Not a lot of photos taken tho.

Cait and Clar with grandparents

Shot by Cait

Love Cait smile

The adorable kids

The Ongies

Bro in law and sis w Clar

Time for another relative house!

Time for Lion Dance

Preparing for the lion


Preparing the layout

Wifey and Cait taking pic with the lion head

Happy Chinese New Year

The Ongies would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

May this Dragon year HUAT to everyone out there.

21 Jan (Saturday)

Before Chinese New Year, The Ongies decided to head down to Chinatown and take a stroll and view the goodies. This is the first time Clar is joining them, so hubby by hook or by crook will definitely bring them there and walk.

In order to prevent the congested human traffic, they went around noon time instead of evening. At least it is 30% less pack.

The sun is pretty good, not as hot and stuffy as they thought.  

Carrying Clar

Grandpa's zodiac sign

The famous Bak Kwa

The Ongies

All shot by Cait

Apparently, she snatched the camera from hubby! But she does have some nice shot taken!

The famous area again

Happy mother and daughter

Grandpa and Clar

Ex IFP office

Happy wifey and daughter

Tin Tin!

Smiley Clar

Anyhow shot

It had been a long time since they walked here. Although the items are more or less the same for every CNY, but the important th…