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Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

It is going to be a busy day with the family.

Cait had her present opened yesterday as she was excited for her new game - Monopoly Empire! (She chose this game herself and insisted that she want this Empire)

Clar will open her's tomorrow. (Seem to forogtten what is her present)

This is definitely a game that hubby also been wanted to play with the kids.

A simple board game will teach the kids how to use the money to buy and pay for things.

During the game play, Cait had the most earned and get emotional when she does not have any money left because she been buying billboard.

She also know how to make use grab action and exchanged for a bigger billboard when she threw the dice. They have no idea whether Cait really understand the game, but she is pretty smart on making use of every opportunity.

While she walked away from the game, hubby had to tell her that this is just a game and they must play it fair till the end.

As for Clar, she have the most naiv…

The C's promoted in school class

Both girls had been promoted to another level - K2 and Nursery.

Clar is a lot happier than before. Mainly due to bigger space and more kids around the new area. Also, more things that she can explore around - more things to learn too!

Cait, on the other hand, will have a lot of things going on for her. She will be starting her P1 in 2016, therefore it is the time to buck her up on her learning skill - English, Math and Chinese.

Her attention is hard to capture, but she sure does remember in her mind, but at times, she just simply do not want to corporate. Full of confidence type of mindset?

Does TV shows helps?
Definitely only for educational purposes. It really make hubby wonder that if she really understand a single word from show or not.

Nonetheless, as a parents, it is time to get stress together for the kids studying. It is not going to bean easy journey.

Since Cait have this attention problem, wifey seem to have something for her to apply on. Hopefully she will pay more attentio…

Big Hero 6 - The first cinema trip

Wifey wanted to shower more attention to Cait as she complained that she felt very lonely, despite she being a happy girl. Therefore the cinema experience with her.

Tons of thoughts came into their mind when wifey wanted to bring the 2 girls for a movie trip.

But hubby rejected Clar to follow because she will not enjoy the movie at all. She will end up crawling onto wifey tummy and lie down, or shouted to go out because she does not like the show because of the loud sound scaring her.

So, in order not to let that happen in the middle of the show as it might disturb the rest of the audiences, wifey finally agreed.

The chose was given to her, Penguins of Madagascar or Big Hero 6

And of course, Cait chosen.......

With so many people claiming that this is a great movie, hubby was delighted that she chosen the correct movie to watch for her first time in the cinema. Amusingly, hubby did not bothered to go and find out what is the story all about. (It is a darn nice movie!)

Since she is…

Making of bread and pandan waffle

It is wonderful to have bread and waffle making session.

The Ongies had purchased a Kenwood breadmaker at $119 from Robinson Black Friday sales last Friday. With the $20 voucher given by the Robinson staff in the morning, they eventually bought the breadmaker at only S$99! (Purchase any items from $50 and get that special discount off) Totally worth it.

However, there are confusion when queuing up to pay for the items, it is either the staff is new or  there are people cut queue to pay first. Hubby hoped that there are a proper queue line with security guard around and, with their system update to the latest information. The Ongies had spent 15min to get their pricing correct, because the transaction charged them the original price before discount. Hence, the manager had to be called in to void the transaction.

It is lucky that wifey checked before leaving and quickly share the information with other customers. With such a boo boo thing going on, they did not get an apology f…