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A great Sunday breakfast

Cait is extremely happy upon going out especially when wifey is with them on Sunday morning. For those who do not know, she have to work during weekend, so it is a bless for wifey to join in for breakfast before heading to work later.

Enjoying the carrot cake

She finally conquer by sitting in front. Naughty girl

It is time to take out the playpen, which Cait had slept in there before, for a good clean up. Scrubbing here and there, making sure it is clean for xiao b tho.

When you ask Cait to sayangxiao b, she does not want at all. It is so clear that she know her sister is coming, and fearing her position will drop. But wifey is clever, she told Cait to sayang xiao b,  then she will be receiving sweets from her! Wow, Cait did that! It is marvelous.

Hubby and wifey gotta faster find gifts for two of them.

Noticing wifey tummy, it seem lower than before. Perhaps Dr Adrian is good at prediction, 15th March might be the day of delivery. 

Welcome to the world of Two Princess.

Hubby intend t…

Time for hair cut!

Her hair is getting longer but she need to trim just by a little.

Knowing mom will let the hair dresser cut a lot, hubby specifically put a warning tone that no one is to cut a lot lest Cait look way so blur!

She does look blur previously when the fringe had been cut by half!

Cutting her fringe. Trying not to make her head a lot

Distracting her so the hairdresser can concentrate cutting behind

Trying to distract her in front

Aftermath of her hair cut. She look sad?!

Ain't she look cuter now? She grown up!

Emotion Cait?

Helpful Cait always wanted to get involve with housework. She saw mom trying to clean the cupboard, hence trying to make herself useful.

She is not making things messy, just that she is very bored and finally there are things to play with.

They cannot penalize her if she trying to draw some attention.

That day, Cait just sit there and play alone quietly with the teapot and cups. Apparently, this tea pot had been used during hubby and wifey actual day wedding!

Trying to pour water to cup. very clever of her doing that! No one taught her that! So proud of her.

She try the bigger cup instead!

Mom was so touched by Cait recently because she does not dare to wake granny up in the middle of the night!

Cait kept tossing non stop until mom woken up and asked if she want milk. And Cait say yes.
After mom returned to the room, she found Cait sleeping with her butt facing upwards and do not want to lie flat. Then she said:"Ee Ee..!" Implying she just pooed.

So proud of her to react tha…


Back to basic!

First, everything have to wash again. Thus, taking everything out and drop into the washing machine.
It is a tired process, but it is all for the good.

Look at clothings, there are so many of them and Cait had out grown them already.

Will she feel jealous if xiao b wear them?

This is so exciting!

Digging everything out

Drying at the moment

Washed and dried

It is time to take out the sterilizer and clean it thoroughly. And Cait think it is fun and use her ultimate creative way to make 2 carrots as an art in the cylinder.

Cait put this carrot in

Better do it before...

Cait is getting more and more mature, thus turning to make sure everyone do it properly. Kids are very observant of what you do daily. For example, putting things down on table with a newspaper beneath it, washing of leg the moment you enter the house, or throw the rubbish immediately if it is meant to be.

Yes, Cait did them all and she will whine non stop until you get it right.

Slight untidiness is not perm…

Back to basic II

Back to BMT for Xiao b arrival.

Coming very soon!
Preparation start:
Packing of clothing to go TMC anytime
Breast pump
Milk bottles all at no.1
And some other misc items

Anticipating for that day.. Ongies is growing big and there bound to have lots of argument and fun too!

So many medicine

This week (within 7 days), Ongies had spent a lot on clinic and hospital bills alone.
Fortunately, her fever really subside a lot and currently, she is very active!

Though it is tiring looking and chasing after her, but everyone felt that it's worth it because she recovered! She is back to her ownself!

Was it because she know her mei mei  is arriving, hence the attention on her? She is quite sticky to wifey recently, and some how, she sensed it and felt jealous.

All of her medicine from kidslink to Healthway to KKH

Do not believe she recovered? There you go... her using hubby PS3 HKS remote controller and play GT5. Of course she do not know how to navigate it.

Wow, Cait know how to play GT5!

From today, she will be quarantine for a week. Best for everyone by not spreading or receiving the virus.

Thanks all

Ongies would like to thanks everyone concern for Cait.
It is really blessing that she been showered with lots of care and love.

Even granny also called up to ask about Cait condition.

She was fine on Saturday throughout until Sunday. She just rest on bed feeling so restless and doesn't respond when they called her. That really worried everyone. Hubby was so sad seeing her like this because she seldom behave that way at all.

Her temperature kept hovering around from 38 - 39 degree throughout and hardly go down despite turning on the air con through the night. Hubby and mom kept on checking on her from 10pm till 4am until they decided to send her to KKH. Initially, hubby was relieved to hear that Cait fever subsided to 37 degree until mom woke him up that it went up to 39.2!

Everyone packed up and left the house immediately.

During noon time, they supposed to bring Cait to KKH but reckon that the medicine helps, instead of being restless in car, she felt so happy and treat nothing h…

She is recovering

Thanks everyone for concerning Cait recently.
Ongies really appreciate the warmest care.

Still remember Cait swollen eyes? Thanks goodness that it had subsided.

Her swollen eyes had subside


Cait cried a lot when she had to take medicine and put a plastic bag for her to urine on it. Due to her cry, the swollen part on her left eyes went very red. Fortunately, strong Cait overcome all the fear in KKH.

Hubby and wifey suspected that she gotten this virus from PD clinic on Monday. There are so many kids in the clinic running around, playing and touching things.
You will never know who spread the virus at all.

It is advisable to wait outside the clinic or for them to call you up. At least you minimise the risk of your kids getting virus.

Her last check temperature is 38.1degree and they are feeding her Dhamol medicine for every 6hrs to prevent the fever start again.

She must be wondering where is this place

Mom carrying her and comforting with a cup of water

She look so tired and res…

Resting well

She fall asleep throughout the journey in car, knowing that it is the environment she is familiar with. It is a blessing that the doc declare nothing wrong with her, even with the urine test as well.

Everyone was dead beat upon reaching home. By 7.30am, mom woke hubby up and ask if Cait need to take medicine. Wifey quickly went to prepare it while hubby had to prepare to go to work. By 8.30am, Cait is up!

She did not sleep well at all and insist of waking up. Partly, this is the usual time she wake up daily.

Thought she look a bit tired, but she still know what to do! Wifey had prepare breakfast for hubby; while he is playing with Cait on floor, she stood up and held hubby hand as to led him to the chair. Tapping on the seat to indicate him to sit down; point to the noodle and ask him to eat! She knew it is a bit spicy, thus making some funny noise from her mouth.

At that point of time, hubby heart melt.

She was sick, but yet, doing what she suppose to do as a daughter... but her age …
Cait seen the doctor and was told to give another sample of urine to them later on. So they are back waiting game again.

This is due to the bag might contain contaminated substance; thus getting the clean urine from cait is advisable.

She had been checked on both ear and throat by the doctor. Everything is fine.

Cait in KK

Hubby, wifey and mom are currently at KKH due to her high fever that went up to 39.4 degree earlier on. Upon reaching the destination, last check is still 39.1 degrees Celsius.

Cait still look alert but Her eyes isn't. She wanted to sleep so much but, knowing she is outside, she refused to take a nap.

Nurse had given her a bag that is stuck onto her private area which allow her to collect her pee inside for tests.

Fortunately, she just did! As for now, they are waiting for the result and doc.

Although she is sick, she still care about the surrounding because there are lots of empty cup. Wondering why no one clear it. She is so adorable!

A new look

Shoo the old look and welcome the new one.

Does this look nicer, niche and simple? The Ongies really hope so. Due to blogger theme is very limited, this is consider one of the simplified they can find.

Cait does not whine for no reason because she have something to say but no one can understand her well. Take a bit of time and observe, you will notice it clearly.

When you are holding a packet of sweets, she will kept on whining non stop as if you felt that she is so irritating. But, the actual fact is, she wanted you to take the scissor and cut it open so that she can access the entry of getting the sweet!

One day, mom forgotten to wash her butt before putting her to sleep on bed. She just kept on struggling non stop and kept pointing elsewhere! It means, you have to bring her to the basin and wash her butt. So that she feel comfortable upon wearing the diaper.

She always know what she suppose to do which make everyone wanted to dote her even more.

But she can feel jealous when they a…

Swollen eyes on Cait

She look fine on Sunday night.

According to mom, she woke up with slight red dot beside her eyes. Thought it was insect bites, they only take a slight attention until Monday morning.

Cutesy of Cait

While at home, they noticed it is getting red and she felt irritated! She just cannot stop rubbing her eyes. Wondering it is painful or itchy.

On the first night, when she having swollen eyes

And on Monday morning, everyone got a shock and hubby decided to take urgent leave to bring Cait to see a doc! Later on, they head up to PD instead because the next appointment time will be 3.30pm at GP.

So, they decided to go to Kidslink Clinic at Lot One.

She look as if someone had given her a punch

She is still cheeky without feeling sick. The eyes made her feel so sick tho.

Trying to look good

At PD clinic.

Waiting time at PD is horrible. Took them nearly 3hrs to see the PD tho.
After consultation, the verdict is: maybe food or things.

They are deciding to bring Cait for allergy test at KKH in near…