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Article #2 - Managing Meltdowns

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For this article, it is not about household but more on emotion meltdown where all parents will be interested in. 

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Since February is the month of love, I thought what better to write about than emotions. I won’t go into the science of things, instead I would like to focus on a type of emotion more heartfelt – “meltdowns”.

An official definition of a meltdown would point to something of a larger scale such as:�…

Wants and the needs

Was it the wants or in need?
Cait requested for an ergonomic table because she found that the table is very pretty and told The Ongies that she will study very well if she have that kind of table.

Hubby find it amused because he had never used an ergonomic slant table before, and that does not means that the kids will not study well without using that table.

Despite the table reviews are good, hubby felt that the most important is the seating and lighting conditions. He is willing to forgo the ergonomic table because they had never used such table before in their life. The only similar table he seen is the architect and cartoon artists table.

Is it really important? Hubby really wanted to learn some views from friends and readers.

Was it comparing? It is not surprising to have kids comparing with their friends. So parents have to balance out the weight of needs and wants.

He prefer the kids to read more book at the well lit area.

By comparing and being showy does not mean he or she …