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Cait and Clar Photos and Video

It had been long over due, but fret not, nothing is too late.

Here's the series of photos taken by hubby and wifey phones. They had been very busy, thus the lack of time to upload it.

Do enjoy the photos and videos; there are a lot of them! The kids had grown up a lot!

Video will show you how they behave normally.

Lying on floor with milk

Beautiful look of Cait.

Clar was grabbing Cait, and they got into some heated argument.

Clar cries

Cait cries

Cait being a nice girl, allow Clar to sit on top, while she enjoy it below.

Why does Cait look so happy, but not Clar?

Looking up

Looking at her cheese cake

Smilin Cait

What a pose from Clar


Intelligent Cait taking the food

Look ahead, not side!

All of them having a lot of fun together.

All of them having a lot of fun together.

Together, we bake

Making a cake session

Making cake

Looking innocently

A lot of shit to clear up

She bought this scooter - pink, but white elephant in the bed room

The ideal fan


Grandparents and Cla…

Cait and Clar story

Is Cait intellectual so high? It is so hard to bluff her way through, because she know what's going on and able to defend if possible.

One day, Cait's granny was bathing her and feeling impatient so she told Cait:"快点!我没有时间等你"! (I do not have lots of time, please double up!)

Cait's reply:" 奶奶,你没有时间?我有时间" (Granny, you do not have enough time, but I do!)

Immediately, the tensed feeling turn to soften because it was so funny that everyone went speechless!

Just yesterday when hubby and wifey, along with the kids went out to buy things, Cait kept telling them that grand pa is very tired, so must stay home and rest.

Then she turned her head towards to him and shouted across the living from the main door:"爷爷,你累累,在家休息, ok?" (Grandpa, stay home and rest, because you are very tired.)

She is pretty smart because hubby did mentioned to wifey that dad is very tired. Perhaps, that is why she said that when they went out.

And Clar, ever since she started walk…

The growing up weeks

Go Diaper-less

It had been almost a month since Cait had went diaper-less and she did perform very well! There are a total of 3 incident that she had because of lost concentration while having fun, and too urgent to control.

Other than that, she does know how to control herself very well. It is incredible due to her young age. There's no much worry as her mindset is quite mature. This is the best time that The Ongies can save some money on diapers.

Cait will inform, or being constantly reminded whether she want to pass urine. It can be very tiring for her grandma and wifey, but at least she is trying her best.

When she had been scolded for urinating on the floor, hubby can see that she lost confident on herself and kept on asking for diaper. Mom (Grandma) is a straight forward person, thus speaking direct did hurt Cait. Therefore, wifey tried her best to boast Cait confident towards diaper-less. Even the teachers mentioned that kids needed more confident on themselves; scolding w…


It had been a long time since they visited Ah Ma; she is very happy to see everyone. especaily the kids.

As usual for Cait, she will hide and slowly first, then she is getting warm up and behave like a monkey at home.


Clar and her great grandma

This is an impromptu moment, grand ma request for photo taking!
 She seldom ask for it and today, she is very different. She also enjoy taking photo with the girls too.

Preparing to take a photo shoot

There's no problem for Cait to stand straight

Grandma and her great grand children

What a look from Cait

Clar do not want to be carried by grandma

Portrait of grandma

The ladies - Grandma with her grand daughter in law and great grand children

It is not easy to take this photo with Clar looking around. Not again... Cait facial expression!

This is the third shot of the 10 rounds taken

Finally a decent one.

The Ongies with Grandma

They were preparing to take a shot too

Grandma with her daughters and great grand daughters

Grandma with her…