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Renovating the home Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the home renovation and thank you for following The Ongies.

Now, let's get little dirty now by showing you some of the dismantling works by the trusted worker.

Most of the light work like dismantling carpentry and cornice are done on day 1 before the hacking start.

Removal of carpentry seem like an easy job for the worker because he is very quick and he is seasoned by his everyday work.

As the house was renovated during the 90s, the material used and how they mounted to the wall is very strong and sturdy, therefore the worker took a lot of effort to remove most of the cornice from the ceiling.

As there are a lot of unnecessary covered up, The Ongies had to spent extra effort to make the whole house look better and cosy.

Stay tuned for more demolishing parts and purchasing of items!

Renovating the home Part 3

It is time to 'showcase' some of the photos that hubby had last promised.

This is just the messy stage that every home owner will get, especially the hacking part.

While going through the design stage, it is also the time to take a look at the newspaper - discount!

Newspaper is your good friend if you are looking for discount for toiletries, electronic, air con etc...

If you do not subscribe to Strait Times, ask your friend for help, or the best part: make full use of your company newspaper.

Get the measure right While renovation is starting, it is the time you make a trip to purchase the items. If you are uncertain of the size, take a photo and measure it first. You won't want to buy the wrong items with deep regret.

Having the mindset of what to get in the shop save everyone's trouble. The main focus is to get the correct item for your house. So far, The Ongies did not received any bad attitude service from the store.

If you are not going to purchase from them, just …