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Mysterious virus

When Cait went back to school on Tuesday, the Ongies were surprised that her friend, HY, also came back after a week rest at home.

After communicating to HYmother, all the kids the class had the same symtpom which doctor find it hard to locate the exact virus. Up and down high fever, coughing and vomitting.

It is a mysterious virus that only their class got it, the other kids from other class were not affected at all. No one can explain, even with the principal.

But at least, all of the kids had since returned to school healthily, jumping and running around, more hyper than before. Hoping the mysterious virus go far far away from the poor children.

Cait and Clar artwork

A little artwork from Cait and Clar.

Both of them enjoyed doing it together with wifey and that show that they do have the artistic mind, just like daddy.

Cait and Nana had been mailing each other stickers, even though they had not met each other since they were baby then. 

Nana, is one of the wifey's friend from the forum and they had been communicating, updating on the kid's life.

They are planning to meet up with Nana soon.

Artwork by wifey

Artwork by Clar

Artwork by Cait

Artwork by Cait and Clar

Artwork by Cait and Clar

Artwork by Cait and Clar

Father's day celebration and Ikea shopping trip

Let's go back to the day before Cait fell sick, a post where hubby have no time to update until now.

Last 2 weeks ago on Friday, it was Father's day celebration at MFS2. Daddies are allowed to participate in the games with their kids. They were allow to choose which games they want to if their children are in different age group.

Since Cait was not feeling well, hubby will have to join Clar's game.

This is also the first time hubby saw quite a number of daddies appearing in the school, which is quite unusual. But, all the daddies did enjoy the games with their little ones. Even though most of the daddies did not come along, the kids will have their fun on their own instead!

Let's get ready with the games now!
The kids were very excited, screaming, shouting, laughing and running around.

The gung-ho Clar seem a bit timid on that day. She kept on clinging onto wifey instead of hubby. So wifey had to play along with Clar! Cait did joined in with the games as well, she doe…

Back home happily

It had been twice in a row for this 2 years for Cait to visit the hospital about this time. The last year Cait had visited Mt A, and this year NUH.

This year, instead of mycoplasma; she was diagnosis to pneumonia and sepsis/septicaemia.

There are not a lot of medicine to be taken home, just for her nebuliser fluid, antibiotics and dhamol.

She is very happy to be back home and able to play with Clar after waiting for hours in the hospital. The doctors are very happy to hear that she is recovering well. No doctors will like to see their patients moody.

Cait have a follow up with the doctor on Thursday late noon at NUH clinic.

Everyone is very happy that Cait is back to her old self, jumpy, running, making jokes, making people angry and also, cheerful. You definitely have your heart melt when she is smiling at you sweetly.

Lets hope she does not need to go through all this again! Go away, virus, you are not welcome to Cait's body. You are nothing but causing everyone health failing. …

Cait is back home

Cait is not fully discharged yet, she is just taking home leave from hospital. If from morning till tomorrow, there's no sign of fever at every 4hrly, she can be discharge by doctor recommendation.

She will have to take the antibiotic via spoon if her fever subside, if not, she may have to take it either by injection or put on drip.

When she heard that she is going home, everyone mood lightened up. Her appetitie is very good as compared since on Monday night. She sing, dance, talk and debates... That is Caitlyne style.

Nothing beats the word: Going Home.

She feel into deep sleep when she was in car, and home. A place she felt secured.

Even while she is in hospital recovering, there's not much of resting time after all. She have to take the neubuliser every 4 hours, noise from other beds too. Goodness, she is able to take in the neubuliser while half asleep, provided her ear is covered by the sound.

Wifey is so tired taking care of Cait, from morning till night.

So, hubby decid…

Cait in the hospital - 3rd day

Thanks all dear friends, family and relatives who are very concern on Cait recently.

She is still having slight fever, and required to have clearance of 24hrs before she can discharge tomorrow. She was still having slight cold internally, and manage to sweat in the middle of the night, despite being in the air con room.

Her appetite is getting better, though not a lot.

The doctor mentioned that Cait is a lucky girl, she had porridge with salt to build up her body system despite being dehydrated. It will be worse on her kidney or liver if there's little salt.

They had tested with all the result from her blood, phlegm and vomit. So far all negative, which is a good news.

The Ongies are very blessed to have such a warmth hearted friends around and shown their love as well. Thank you so much.

Updates As for the last few hours, Cait suddenly had her fever shoot up to 38.2 degree, but subside to 37.9 now.
She was told to go for a cold shower to reduce the heat from her body by the nurse…

Cait admitted to hospital

Just few hours ago, Cait was admitted to NUH due to high fever when it reached 40 degree.

She was awarded for 2 days. But hubby was hoping she will recover soon and cleared by doctor in the morning later on.

Loss of appetite, dehydrating and feeling uncomfortable.

She had to put on drip as patches of red circle were seen on her arm and legs.
Being very brave of her, she managed to let the doctor inject the needle. She did not cry, brave and strong girl.

When it come to medicine, she was very cranky as usual.

In an hr or less on drip, hubby noticed that the red circl patches were gone.

Blood sample had been sent for lab test. It is thankfully that she did not suffer from dengue, just a virus - bronchitis.

As told by the doctor, such virus cannot be treated, only time will helps.

Let's hope Cait will get better and well soon.

She is currently with wifey in NUH.

Cait fallen asleep soon after the entire doctors had finished talking to hubby and wifey.

Updates on Cait tomorrow.

Water Play - Changi City Point

Getting the kids to waterplay is a best bet for harsh weather recently. Of course, as a parent, you must ensure they do not stand under the hot sun for too long. Always ensure the kids have water from head to toe to prevent from heat stroke.

Cait and Clar, along with their friend, JF and JY, had a great fun together. Having themselves going through all the obstacle, getting wet, splashing water against each other is so much fun.

Meanwhile, they also have a quick meal while playing too.

For Cait and Clar, they are easy to be fed since they were playing hardly and happily.

This great place, Changi City Point, located right outside KouFu, had a water playground for the kids to discharge their battery.

Bathing is easy since there's a shower room for the kids and get dress.

The kids were having lots of fun splashing each other, at times, they wanted to attacked hubby too. Luckily for the gun radius, they failed terribly.

If you do not have any dry clothing with you, it is advisable to …