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Week by Week Photo

Week 11

Video of Clar eating

She love to do the boo sound whenever she is drinking the water.
Apparently, she seem to like that and feel so happy!

Photos added

Remembered the night Hubby went to Jurong Point and get the soya milk powder for Clar?
Yes, the moment he got home, she was still wide awake until the milk is given to her!

Mom finally feel so relieved when Clar was kicking hardly and happy seeing the milk that she want. The trip was not wasted at all; luckily hubby insisted going out that time.

The quiet and lonely Jurong Point

Only NTUC is filled with people; not a lot tho, but at least it gave people an opportunity to get the things in the middle of the night!

End up, buying a tin of milk powder and instant noodles

The smiley Clar - taken few days later

Finally, a time to upload the photos and post it here.
Photos added for Lazy Sunday blog post

Cait really love to play with water, if only hubby and wifey are there with her to get wet together. She may seem to be brave and wanted it badly, when it is right in front of her, she will turn into a tiny kitten. Always hiding.

They are planning for a wet trip! - Wild Wild Wet!

It's go…

A Lazy Sunday

It was a impromptu moment when they head up to IMM after taking breakfast in the market.

Initial plan was to get stuffs from Daiso; wifey thought of the idea by taking Cait for a water play! With extra clothing and short, they decided to get it from the store in IMM. After getting all their stuffs, they head up to level 3 water play!

Cait was feeling scared initially, although she wanted to get involved! Hence, dragging hubby to the water play sector. Soon, Cait began to like playing with water; she even shared the water jet with another didi as well.

As a parent, you know that during game time, it is inevitable for some others to be mischievous. Cait had been attacked by the water gun on body, so hubby faster drag her away. Luckily Cait know how to avoid it as well, so she did not gotten that attacked.

The person who played the water gun is a young boy; he had no sense of sharing and an EQ at all.

Young boy shot the water gun at people is perfectly ok, but NOT into the eyes! He had b…

At this very hour

Clar cried so loud that she is rejecting most milk offered to her. Was she been picky?

She had take soya milk due to her diarrhea. Hence the change of formula milk.

Knowing her style, hubby requested wifey to get another brand instead. But Clar had slowly began to like Isomil milk instead.

That's when she cried and rejecting earlier on. Now any milk offered to her, they can feel that she is pretty paranoid.

Given the situation like this, hubby decided to set off to NTUC xTra, Jurong Point for her Isomil; hoping she can drink comfortably later on.

Let's hope she will not fussy later on.

Week by Week - Cait and Clar

Week #10

Cait punishing Clar?

It was an unintentional for Cait to punish Clar.

Basically, Clar was crying on bed because she wanted to get change due to sticky body. Cait was sitting in front of her, with hubby hugging her.

Perhaps Cait felt that Clar is crying for no reason and saw that all the people around her is getting frustrated, hence using her palm (wrist area) to beat Clar's head 2 times. It was an ouch! Luckily Cait did not attack the soft bone on top of Clar head. Hubby had to give her a bad slap onto her palm for doing that.

For another 2min, Cait strike again by using her heel to slam onto Clar face. No one was sure if it hit her eyes, but later on, the red and swollen part appeared below her eyes.

Crying bitterly and in pain, Cait was given a hard slap onto her thigh and leg!

She was then led to the living room and punished by standing in front of GuanYin altar. She cried and asking for help, but no one is willing to forgive her until she apologize. Or at least, a hug to represent the sayang. But…

Week by Week

Week #9

Trip to Kusu Island

The differences between last year and this will be the additional family member - Clar; to Kusu island for praying.

And also, only The Ongies family went. The rest of their relatives had already went before the praying period start, this is due to exam period.

Bringing the two kiddos seem like carrying FBO (Full Battle Order); lots of things to carry. Cars are not suppose to drive in to the pier, hence parking a Best Building is a must. They have free shuttle service tho.
Best is the ex building of TV12, for those who know will be greatly advantage.

As usual, to avoid the horrifying queues at the pier, heading up during noon is a better choice. On contrary, unless you wanted to go home early, then go ahead and wait with the rest.

For this trip, it is not for Singaporean only, but with Malaysian too. Buses after buses will flock in and the entire pier will be filled with people. Waiting for a ship will take you about 2hrs, depending on the queues and how early you reach there.

But do r…