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The 2 Cs

Angry Clar
She have a bad temper when milk is given to her fast. When it is at her mouth, she moved non stop and carry on crying! All because she cannot find her favorite and comfortable position while drinking the milk!

It is not easy to handle Clar at all. She can drink quite fast, but sometimes, it worried them because she can go out of breathe! She is really a kind that do not have patience at all. Even when the milk is at her mouth, she still have to wiggle non stop until she conform it is in.

This two Cs, really drive everyone nuts at home. But, they however, did bring some joy and fun too. Life for parenting is not simple and easy, it require a lot of patience too!

So hard to make her blurp!

Lying there smoothly...

She is smiling in her dream!

She is awake now! What is she looking at now?

Enjoy while it last!

Is she crying or feeling terrible?

With such a big eyes and she Oh?

Something must be weird in front of her!

Tiny foot that you can enjoy now

Cait Big Day
Her big day is co…
She is a bit cranky yesterday when asked to put the things back on box after playing it. Is that the sign on jealousy over Claryne when mom is not talking to her?

It could be, and she is processing some attention as well.

As parent, you must first not ignore the elder one, but to give more attention to reassure him/her. Hubby was fuming mad about himself, not able to let Cait have proper diet like having fruits and some games.

Instead, he always on the computer or gaming.

Wifey and him discussed these matter and decided to slowly introduce some fruits to Cait. It is going to be tough because she is quite picky on food, and not to forget she is turning 2 soon. Everything is not too late, it's about how to train her slowly though it is tiring.

Hubby also intend to get her some game toys like lego (the bigger version) and puzzle. She will have short patience towards the game, as that's what most kids are, so it is important to train her slowly and put in lots of effort on it.


Enjoy the sisters moment

Sisters are recovering and it is a good sign for both of them.
Let's hope speedy recovery for them soon!

Sisters sleeping together

Looking blur of Claryne

Sleeping beauty Claryne

Isn't she look adorable in that position?

How sweet that she slept that way until she making the rest feeling like sleeping too.

A new cot mobile for Claryne, but sister Cait took it and have fun on her own.

The reason being is due to Clar often look at the ceiling aimlessly for hours before she decided to sleep again.

So, decided to get a cot mobile for her, so that there's music and movement to see.

Cait is having fun on her own

Princess Ongies - sick

To Dr Keoy's clinic

After 2 days MC for hubby, today he had to take urgent leave to bring his 2 princess to PD at Medical Centre, Novena Square2.

After the consultation, PD Dr Keoy said that Claryne is infected by Caitlyne, whereby both of them having nose infection. Hubby and wifey were quite worried when Cait vomited 2-3 times in a night for over a week, thus bringing her to see Dr Keoy is advisable.

They wanted him to check on Claryne's mucus as well, because it was in green color when mom discovered it. Wondering for a night, they quickly send them to pay him a visit.

Although there are quite a number of patients, the queue does move quite fast. Everyone must be wondering why hubby had to cripple while walking if they did not notice his injury knee.

Both of the princess medicine cost a total of $162 with 5 medicines.

Trying to ask her to sit still in PD clinic

They decided to walk around the area and faster look for a place to fill in their stomach - brunch. Here they are …

2 more weeks to go

The Ongies would like to share more photos, but due to poor skill from mom, hubby had no choice but to disqualified most of the photos except for this!

But well, finally a decent one from here despite she being a noob on photography.

Cait and Clar

Take cover

The light is too bright when they are trying to settle Cait, and there, Claryne tried to cover her eyes from the lights! Isn't she cute?

Light shone and she wanted to cover her eyes!

She was peeping before this tho.

One of the most important thing during the confinement will be: Pig Trotter with Vinegar!
Ok, hubby isn't the fan of this delicacies, so he will skip it as much as possible! Whereas for others, they really treat it like a treasure!

Till to date, hubby is still puzzled about the wonder of this incredible vinegar fragrance stewed with pig trotter.

Nevertheless, he will give up and let the rest consume it happily.

Not to forget, everything is cooked using charcoal instead of gas. That explain the fragrance too.


The fun and boring

The daily activities

Hiding somewhere?

The helpful Cait

There, she took the show

Who is she ordering?

Big sister trying out the shoe?

The three ladies

What a beautiful pose from Claryne

Hands up!

Boring Sunday?

Sunday, mom have to work due to changing of shift. Cait is then left at home and she just cannot go to sleep until mom is home. It is hard to make Cait sleep at home when mom is not around and wifey is still under confinement period. She have to stay on bed to rest more while hubby had to catch hold on of Cait, the little monster.

She is fine, but a bit naughty at home. Partly, she is too bored and find nothing to play!
Just then, hubby realised that mom had kept the entire toys in the box and it is nowhere to be seen! It is no wonder why Cait is boring and went around disturbing people.

Playing with her toys will last her only 10min or less, it is better than nothing tho; hubby just cannot understand mom's thinking. Answer give: She will not play it at all... To hubby, at l…