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A wonderful X'mas weekend at chalet

The Ongies would like to thanks their relatives who turned up during X'mas for BBQ session at Downtown East Chalet.

This time, it is purely an impromptu booking for a good relaxing weekend with the rest. The area may not seem big than Aranda, but it is good enough for all them to relax in the room. If you are looking for spacious area with the living room, this may not be a choice for you.

Luckily the BBQ pit is located right outside the room, which is very convenient for them. The unit they got is pretty far behind, which is beside the Theme park. So, there's only 4 BBQ pits in total. As compared to the front, nearest to the main entrance, there are so many BBQ pits cramping to each other. It seem like pasar malam when hubby walked past there.

It can be very smoky later in the evening.

The Ongies checked in the chalet at 1pm and gotten a door gifts - water dispenser and 2 bottles of Heaven and Earth green tea.

For the two girls, Cait and Clar, they have a lot of fun at the ch…


Hubby finally fulfilled his wishes by bringing Cait and Clar out to Orchard Road last weekend, despite having heavy human traffic due to festive season. The main purpose is to bring them out and see the lights and get the atmosphere in Orchard road.

The only place they stayed put was at Takashimaya; the furthest and the only area they will want to go. Other than that, the whole street was so packed and nearly impossible to push the stroller on street.
Cait was amazed and feel quite happy upon seeing these. She might not be able to understand the festive season, but hubby is pretty sure she know something good is near the day!
It is better to carry the kids than pushing the stroller because of the accessibility. You might knock on people easily while pushing it, or may not able to pass through the area easily. That will make window shopping easier, but you might end up with muscle aching after a tough day in town!
Hubby would like to bring Cait out to town again, but it will be day tim…

School Trip #2 - Kids Explorer

This time, the second outing with the school is to Explorer Kids, AMK Hub!

Alas, wifey is able to take leave to go with Cait and hubby!!! The previous time to the zoo is because wifey just started her new job, hence the difficulties taking leave.

In the morning, she seem a bit moody compared to the day before. She lost all the appetite and, isn't interested in any food. After some thoughts from hubby, he concluded that Cait could be feeling nervous; exactly the same as hubby's pattern.

Even when reaching the school, Cait does not want to let go of hubby at all. She just cling onto him all day long, even when the teachers are explaining some details to them. All the kids were told to stand in a single file, hands on the shelves; go to toilet if they need and pick up their water bottles and wear their shoe.

Except for Cait, she wanted hubby to do everything for her. Luckily after 2 min, another girl named Chanel, had the same issue as Cait. She wanted her mom to carry her and we…