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She grown up

Cait first piece of art work!
Proud of her doing that!

She cried when entering to school, and bid goodbye to mummy at the window without any tears.

Cait has her own thinking, know what she want, do and play. She isn't like as before; Cait indeed grown up.

Her talking is getting better, always ordering what her parents or grandparents should do now and next. Seeing her grown up make ones want to drop a tear.

This is what they call parent's love, isn't it?

Clar snap shot

What is the thing that make her so engross of?

Checking on her left

Hoping and wondering if...

Huh? Caught in the act!

School too far

It's time for a hair cut session for her. Just the fringe will do. Being brave of her, she did it!

A cute pose of her

After her jiejie, Cait, big boss look, comes this mei mei.

Ok, she prefer to be cutesy and being shy instead.

Sitting down and tapping her feet on bench. Does she like the music and movement?

For those who do not know, Clar know how to flip now, but it took a while for her. This surprised them when she is doing on her own recently. Time to cordon the area when she is lying on sofa now.

Cait is always anxious about her school because she can take bus everyday!
If only she can wake up earlier and head to go school before hubby goes to work in the morning.

That day will come soon because it benefits to everyone. The only headache will be - picking up Cait from school.

This had been debated for sometimes; especially the school location. It is a bit taxing because neither the LRT nor MRT is near. The walking distance is pretty long, and one's will go tired if the k…

Cait emo and caring

Hubby had been busy lately, that say - OT for 3 days consecutive.

Cait cried in middle of the night on the first day that hubby was having OT. Luckily he was home already; Cait went to sleep before he knock off.

Then, Cait insisted hubby to hug and pacify her. She just do not bear to let go as if it is like a koala bear.

On the 2nd day of his OT - Cait did not see him in the morning, as well as night time.

3rd day of OT - hubby tried to stay a while at home until she woke up. Surprisingly, she does not want hubby at all! That feeling really break his heart. He felt sad and kept on participating with her until she gave in. When she does that, it is time to let go and head for work.

Wifey was there to help out by playing with her and the latter had her attention focused to mummy.

This morning, Cait managed to interactive with hubby! It is a close shave as compared to the day before.
But she does drove wifey crazy because handling 2 kids at the same time is madness! No way one's temp…

The understanding Cait

Cait may seem to be a bit naughty, but the nature of her isn't like that if everyone look close enough.

Just like this morning, mom wanted to help Claryne to bathe; knowing wifey and Clar is still asleep, Cait shouted Ah mah... or or... Indicating with the hand signal showing sleeping.

At that time, hubby spoken up and told mom what does Cait want. Do not disturb them sleeping

Hence, mom moved out from the room and Cait continue eating her breakfast with her daddy. Then, she wanted to apply some kaya on her bread, thus moving down to kitchen and grab herself a butter knife. She know she took correctly, but still, she called for hubby and show him if this is the correct one!

This astonished him! She even shown to mom as well and everyone were so happy and touched when Cait behaving like an adult.

Even when the domestic helper had the high chair put back after Cait insisted not to sit there, the latter kept on pointing and fussing non stop. The reason is not because she is playful, …

Is that the reason?

This morning, when wifey sent Cait to school, she spotted one of the kids had green mucus hanging from his nose. At that point of time, it is hard to get the teacher and asked if this is even allow.

Is that the reason why Cait is always sick? 

This is for safety precautions against other kids from getting the same symptom as that boy. But, it seem like there's lack of staff in the class, thus the teachers are way busy trying to settle the kids. So, the best time is to do a call up later on.

Even though the parents are busy at work, should they even allow their kids to attend the class despite being sick? While some can understand the importance of work; how about the health from the kids? If A does not follow the rules, he or she, will still get it from B. What comes around, goes around.

That's why, they never send Cait to class when she is down with flu or any other small symptom. This is for prevention of spreading the germs. Hoping the other parents will follow suit too.

No …


Open her biscuit

Tired Clar

Smiling Clar

Cait love the slide

Much as hubby wanted to upload more, but the filming is done in the wrong way.

More photos now

It's time to update more photos for now.

There are plenty of videos to upload, but due to lack of timing, that gotta postphone for a while. There will be a post on video about Clar and Cait, but selectively only.

Cait bending her fingers?

Love of the Ongies life.

Godfather no 2? Same pattern as her sis 2 years ago?

Frowing or what?


While waiting for Daddy

Her smile


Wifey and Cait

Waiting for dad

Thanks Arnold for the sock from Taiwan

Off to Putien, Jurong Point
Celebration of any days (Father/Mother and Birthday)

Cait sitting with grandma

Bro in law with Claryne and showing her the games on iPad2.

The yummy prawns in the bamboo contain with herbal soup

Fried Brinjai

Playing with the chopsticks

The delicious food, which is light but taste fantastic.

Looking innocently

Look at what she is holding on her left hand

She used the chopstick holder as spoon! It does look a like!

Still continuing to use that instead.


With Clar

Jie jie busy with food

Wifey with Clar

Pork floos …

Cait love the cakes

Cait always like to celebrate Birthday, not because of the joy but the cake involved. Each time she saw the cake, she will jump up and wanted to eat it!

That's one of the weakest point for all kids.

Starting for the song

Cait's aunt Birthday

Look at Cait facial expression...

Making a wish

Cait teething

Photo taken last week

Cait is back to school, but she whine continuously until her favourite teacher appear in front of her.
She had missed the school for 2 days last week because of her fever. But at least she seem active at home despite having that, but at same time, she felt painful and scare due to the growing of molar in her mouth.

Cait had been given the medicine and she is brave enough to swallow the bitterly taste.

Everyone applause when she had it finished. But on one condition, she must have either the sweet or ice cream to musk over the bitterly smell.

On the other hand, wifey wanted to check on Cait molar and had her finger in. Out of sudden, the latter bite wifey's finger so hard that she was sobbing badly. The area that Cait bite is at the side of the finger tip!

Swollen and in red. But look like Cait seem to know what is going on and started to sayang her mummy!

Although Cait is playful, do not want to greet mummy or ma ma, but she really did it yesterday! Wifey wa…

They are the heroine...

Cait is down again with the temperature hitting 38degree last night.
Was it due to her teething that caused the fever? It could be; molar can be seem when wifey checked.

But not only fever did not subside, she also feel like vomiting which result the pain in her throat. This is partly due to infection and forcing it to vomit that hurt it badly. It is as if there's a lump when swallowing her saliva.

She felt scared. Kept wanting to be hugged and needed lots of concern from everyone. To think, she can even reject sweet, as hubby told her not to eat it anymore. But mom said it the other way! But Cait understand well and did not tempt herself towards the sweet.

It is 2am, and hubby is in deep sleep without knowing what is going on until 4am.
At that time, both wifey and mom got up and attend to Cait since then. She was awake, and wanted to watch TV and play.

Look into her eyes, you know she is feeling scare.

Mom and wifey urged hubby to go sleep as he need to work later on. Hence, he…