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Not a week for Cait

It is not a week for Cait.
She had been coughing non stop during night time and even vomited what she had during evening time. This time, hubby is not going to buy anymore cream cake for her, lest it happen again.
Mom also stopped Cait from eating too many sweets and Vitagen as well.
Hoping Cait will recover soon as everyone feel so heartache seeing her like this. Thanks goodness she still able to play happily.

Earlier on, while Cait attempted to get off from bed and suddenly, the blanket gave way and she fall down! No one knows where she had injured herself. During that point of time, hubby and wifey were on bed with Cait too, but it was too late when hubby tried to catch her!
Cait mini keyboard was on hubby body, which make him have some restriction on movement. It is weird that hubby did not call out for wifey to grab Cait! He was moving slowly, when his arm stretched for Cait, she slipped down on the floor and gave a big cry.
Both hubby and wifey shouted so loud till mom quickly came in a…

Her sweet pose

She really know how to pose, huh?

Taken at Sheng Siong, Jalan Bahar food court for dinner.

Back to basic

Finally, the topic is back on baby! The entire blog is all about Cait, but let's not forget that there's little one coming real soon!

It is back to basic again and everything will have to be reset, just like how they handle Cait.
Cait will be anticipating as well. But they have no idea how is she going tor react when she see her.

For those who do not know, the little one is a princess as well!

Due to past bad experience using the single pump, wifey decided to get the PISA instead. According to them, the suction is better and the noise level for this is pretty low.
Price for this in market is relatively high, so wifey is glad that she gotten it from her friend who brought these in. The price is nearly 50% lower.
All you need to get is the converter because it is US set drawing 110v. Fret not, the seller do sell the converter as well.

PISA (Pump In Style Advanced) and Lansinoh nursing pad, breastmilk storage bags and cream.

Lansinoh nursing pad, breastmilk storage bags and cream…

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Congrats to Hubby and Wifey!
Not because of the little one but their 3rd year anniversary.

Been through thick and thin, quarreling and doting, having Cait now and soon  little one coming, this is the path they had walked together for this 3 years.

Life is tough and hard but the energy to keep them moving on is always the kids. Both of them understand each other well, accept the flaws of themselves and nevertheless, they enjoy the process.

First year - Club Chinos before it shut down at Orchard Parade Hotel
Second year - Jack's Place at Marina Square

Interestingly, both of these places are paid via vouchers. So there's no payment at all.
For this year, they went to nearby restaurant instead - Zhou's Kitchen

Affordable and of course, it is buffet! Eat what you want and the food is amazing!

They didn't take a lot of photos because they were busying eating and enjoying tho.

Some photos taken:

Yummy Food for a start.

Happy wifey .. starting meal soon

Food at Zhou's kitc…

Cait on Sunday

Cait out with hubby and grandpa for breakfast on Sunday morning.
Mom got a last min call up to go work due to her coll is sick, so it is a daddy/grandpa day with Cait alone.

Sitting quietly while waiting for food

Sitting down with leg warmers

Weather is extremely cold and cooling, So the leg warmer is a must for her, even though they are out of house.

Dropping by granny house for a while.
She is very happy to see Cait tho. Guess that she is surprised that her great grandchild is so big now. She will be overwhelming during Chinese New Year soon.

Giving great grandma Ang bao

A Walk to Smith Street, Chinatown

It is great to walk around at Smith Street, Chinatown during weekday night.
Crowds are acceptable, not as squeeze as they thought.

Chinese New Year is coming, so there are a lot of stalls all over been set up, and started selling for their items.

As this is the month of cool, so heading down will be a perfect idea. You can hardly sweat too!

Decoration is the same as before, but they felt that the stalls are not the same as like before. In the past, it is more compact and there are a lot of things to see too. It seem like something is missing out tho.

Thanks to some Chinese New Year music played, at least there are some mood for it.

Will the youngster now, enjoy Chinese New Year as like hubby and wifey times? Maybe this question should pop up when Cait is older.

Mom and her grand daughter posing at the famous spot for anyone who wanted to take photo.

A look down.

Tripod isn't used thus, everything is not as beautiful as hubby thought.

Famous composition to look down at Pagoda Str…

Off to Takashimaya

Time to roll out to Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City!
It is the mood for Chinese New Year, thus they drop by for window shopping.

Located at the arena, there's Chinese New Year fair going on selling all kinds of goodies! Yes, it is food.

Cait is overwhelming looking at it and kept saying:"Wah!"
It is noon time when they headed there and hubby was a little worried for the car park lot because there are way so many cars entering at the same time.

Surprisingly, it took them less than 5min to get the lot!

Cait always bring car park lot to them! It is a bit ironic but there's ever one time hubby and wifey waited for a lot at IMM for over an hour until they feel like giving up! Oh yea, Cait isn't there. She must be awake in order to the lot because when most of the time, they can only get the lot when she woke up from a long nap in car.

It is so hard to believe tho.

Wifey and Cait

Hubby and Cait (not in position yet)


Let's look infront

Huh? Her shoe?

Wear ba…