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Wifey is back from relaxing trip!

Wifey finally get back from Bintan trip 2day 1night retreat. She had been given a plague for been in the company for 5 years, and it also come with a beautiful titus watch. A good relaxing trip which wifey really enjoyed herself and of course, with little one.

It was not tough throughout the trip and everything went smoothly for both of them.

Hubby went to pick wifey up at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal after he knock off from work. It was 8pm when she and her colleague touched on Singapore and cross the ICA. Of course, photos were taken during the trip and below is the photo set for the whole trip.

Hubby is glad to see wifey back and sweety once again.

A good day for relaxing

Wifey had gone to Bintan for a day due to office retreat. A great day to relax for both mommy and little one.

With hubby not by wifey side, wondering if wifey can cope alone. Thanks to her wonderful colleagues who are so nice and helpful! Hubby is greatly thankful.

Hubby will be seeing wifey tomorrow night soon. A day of seperate misses a lot from both. Of course, this Saturday, hubby can see little one on the ultrascan. After Saturday, this blog will be live and both of them can announce to those who ask.

Wifey felt sick onboard this morning while traveling to Bintan and she is really fine now. Glad and feel safe.

The bad smell

Wifey just can't stand the neighbour been burning some incense all day long. Hubby felt pissed but had no idea how to approach them for it. Everyone is not close thus the reason why.

Mom been told that the smell will not do any good for pregnant woman and wondering if it is true. Hubby will need to ask doctor for confirmation regarding to these.

Finally, hubby can see the little one next Saturday as wifey had booked the appointment .

It's going to be 3 month and this blog will be live real soon!

It seem like wifey vomiting had been reducing which is much better then before. But yesterday, she had been sleeping since 12pm till 4pm! A good rest after a week of work for covering the duties as her colleague went for overseas.

It seem like days passes by really quick without knowing. :) Anticipating.

Feeling good

Wifey trying to be cool tho!

and also...

Yo, check it out man!

Apart from that, both hubby and wifey also took a pic of themselves... but... the turnout...

As for today, wifey is feeling a lot better as she can eat food from KFC! Not too much that she ate, just a Zinger burger! At least hubby felt that she began to have better appetite.

Mom was talking about lady who come to your house and take care of wifey and baby during the 1 month period, the cost might fetch 1.6 - 1.8k. If hubby mom can do it properly, it will be good. Having a good lady to take care is hard to find, because they might not cook properly. For instance, if the alcohol substance is not totally gone while cooking with food, it will result the wife to get rashes. Funniest was, mom told hubby and wifey that there's one lady who asked one of the aunt if she would like to have curry! It is a NO-NO!

Wifey vomitted again

It had been hard on wifey recently as she been vomiting whatever she take in. Such as tuna and rice are one of those she have to avoid. She realised that after vomiting out, all what she can see was solid stuff! There's no liquid seen at all and she felt so terrible when the food got stucked on her throat while trying to throw up. The feeling is bad, as if she was suffocated.

According to wifey, that she heard/ read about cordyceps sinensis is very good for baby (especially the brain) when preggie mom is around 5th - 6mth.

But such medicine is not cheap as the size is just about the size of matchstick. One small bundle will cost up to a thousand if it is superb quality. Of course, there's cheaper at few hundred bucks.

Look like both hubby and wifey had to save even more from now on. Not going to be easy.

Wifey food encounters

Wifey is sleepy. It is very exhausting being preggie and having to battle Morning Sickness, traffic conditions to work and being at work.. The vomiting got better today and Wifey only threw up once. *fingers crossed* There are still many foods that Wifey is afraid of such as oily foods and food with strong smells, which includes most items.

Wifey's customer told her something interesting today. She said, to have a happy baby, take 1 chocolate a day, but have to be careful of sugar intake as preggies are very prone to gestational diabetes. Not too much, just one piece a day will ensure a happy baby. Wifey looked at that customer's kid.. seriously laughing non-stop everyday.. which can also be abit hyper. The logic should be like chocolate helping to cheer a sad person up, due to the happy hormones endorphines being released, guess that's what makes baby happy? For Wifey and Hubby, having a healthy baby is the most important.

Other foods that have to be avoided when preggie …

Gynae check up #3

Wifey went with mom today before she head to work.

The image shown that the little one had grown bigger! Head can be seen vividly. Both mom and wifey crack some jokes that the head look like hubby's! Or even like Pooh bear!

As wifey told mom that she cannot take any warm water as it will make her want to vomit, so the only thing that she can take is cold drink. Though not allow, but a little is ok.

Mom also told wifey that the little one, Wang Jian Kang as what they joked about the name, is following hubby foot step. Mommy only take cold drinks (to feel betterfor herself and baby) just like when hubby was young. Amusing?

Dad seen the scanned image and amazed that little one grew so big?

Hubby had not seen the scan image yet as he got to wait until night time.

More information

Hubby friend, Gwen, currently is on her 30th week and 10 more weeks to be mommy. Congrats to her.

There's some stuff that hubby's friend want to share for things that call FBI.

Until 20 weeks of preggie, then you can sign up for it.

First Born Incentive
But the membership will cost up around few hundred buck.

Apart from that, here's from Abbot.

But as stated from the web, This Baby Shower Gift Set is only for pregnant mums with estimated month of delivery in 2008 OR mums with babies below one month old. Hoping that there's update for 2009 babies.

For maternity package information, hubby never thought that it is so costly. Wifey calculated that after medisave deduction, left 2k plus which can be paid off from baby bonus (hoping not to touch it if both hubby and wifey had enough by that time)

Wifey thinking that if she should take a single or double bed room. Most people prefer single as hubby can rest there and there's much privacy which will not affect the mommy resting o…

What things to eat

Hubby cousin caught up with wifey during an event last week. There are stuff to take note like what to eat and not. As there are too many to mention, let's take it slowly.

Wifey appetite turns good on Saturday night but not on Sunday. There's some funny feeling in wifey tummy as if there's typhoon swirling non stop. The feeling is not good at all and hubby began to feel it from wifey. Been a mother isn't easy.

Even after the vomit which contain some yellowish acidic from the tummy, wifey still do not feel any better at all. She does not feel like throwing up after all she ate, but there's no choice at all. What goes in, will come out eventually.

She took a slip of soft drinks every time as it made her feel better. The thought of throwing out will not come so easy.

In order to feel good, try to prevent oily food and seafood if possible. Cold drink is not good at all, so that got to consider in as well.

Sleeping posture eventually will change as time goes by. Little ones…

Feeling better today, at least...

Wifey went to work as usual but took half day off to rest at home because she still doesn't feel any better. Vomited again in car when hubby went to buy food at Teck Whye, of course hubby again took 1/2 day to accompany wifey and went for hair cut at the same time.

It is a must to take a photo of wifey tummy from now before it grow bigger, so that everyone can see the changes and update of the mother-to-be.

These are the photos hubby and wifey placed at in the house.

Baby photo which we bought from Big Bookshop at Harbour Front. Placed it right in front of the bed.

Another babies photo in thumbnails placed at the side of the bed bed so that wifey can view those adorable chubby babies everyday.

One of the photos been placed in the bookshelves.

Wifey felt sleepy easily and tend to rest longer then before, so hubby had to be understanding that been pregnant is not easy. After seeing how wifey vomited and felt so terrible, hubby cannot do anything much but to give more morale support. That…

What goes in, comes out

No matter what wifey ate, she will threw out. This is due to some changes in body that result to such reaction. Been told by father that she will be find in this few days and hubby is really hoping that she can start to eat happily just like before.

Wifey felt some electric shock on tummy as if she can feel the small hand, or was it due to tummy acid that is growling non stop. Hubby bought wifey soft drink from 7-11 earlier on with mixture of grape, cherry, coke and 7-up, but she still ended up throwing out and that include her meal earlier on, which include her MOS burger.

Everyone was mocking that once the little one is out, spanking on his/her butt is a must for making wifey so sick. Hee... that show how dearie this little one will be.

Looking baby photos help a lot, and of course the room had few of it. Hoping the little ones will look cute and adorable. To be frank, it is not easy to find nice asian baby photo nowsaday as compare to the past.

Wifey kept thinking of lying on bed and …

Wifey is really sick

As day passes, wifey tummy is getting slightly bigger. According to the scan when wife visited the doctor last week, they had detect our little ones heartbeat. Mother and wife are so excited about it and told hubby when he got home.

We will upload the scan photo to our blog for every 2 weeks.

The doctor may seem to be can't in bother manner, but he is very well known and highly recommended, plus he had seen a lot of pregnant woman and was very experience. This doctor is from Thomson Medical, well known for their caring.

His clinic is at:

Thomson Women’s Clinic
(Choa Chu Kang)
Blk 304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4,
Singapore 680304

Tel: 6893 1227
Fax: 6893 3341

Thomson Women’s Clinic
Blk 5, Sengkang Square
Sengkang MRT Station #01-05
Singapore 545062

Tel: 6388 8125
Fax: 6388 0332

For more information, you can click here.

He is Dr Adrian Woodworth.

Wife is getting very sick as she had been vomiting whatever she ate. This does not apply to everyone when they are pregnant. Some might felt this…

First post

This is to welcome the new member of the ongie family. Some of it may know about the new ongie but we can announce to all until the 3rd month when everything is more stable. Currently wifey is 8 wks into the pregnancy and she feeling all the symptom of the horrible morning sickness (MS).

The reason of starting for this blog is because of memory. We will be posting photos on the later part as timing goes by.

As for now, what we had just blogged remains unknown to the rest. Only till the 3rd month, this blog will be live on hubby's blog.

And also, the name ongie is name due to hubby surname thus that's how we manage to link up together.