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Partner in crime - Honey Star

This seem to be a very interesting moment/ conversation with Cait when hubby drove her home yesterday.

Clar is not feeling well, so she have to stay at home - at least to prevent the HFMD (Hand Food Mouth Disease)

 Both of them were in car when Cait took her favorite honey star box out from her bag and start munching it.

Reaching at the red light, hubby's hand went to her honey star box and took a few of it, starting munching together with her.

She stared blankly:"Eh.. daddy... why you take my honey star huh?"

"Because I like to eat it." said hubby with guilt.

"Really huh? Okai, then you take a bit from mine." Cait said it happily with open heart.

"Thanks girl, I shall take one time only because daddy like it a lot. Better to control my diet."

"Ok daddy."

And she keep on enjoying her favourite snack.

"Girl, don't eat so many of those, it is nearly dinner time. Later you will not be able to take your dinner."

Then hubb…