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Cait and Clar moment #3


Right after Clar party, her hair will have to shave off in the morning on the next day.
Cutting of her hair to ensure she look and feel clean.

The sales

It is Robinson sales, so wifey and hubby decided to head down to Centerpoint to attend the private function by them. They bough quite a lot of items as well, mostly for hubby and the kids.

She feel so good in the yao lan.

Visit to Parentcraft

Today, Clar had to go for her hearing test again. Luckily she managed to finish the entire test despite crying non stop and the in charge have to re do over again. The infant before them took a long time as well, but due to their daughter did not finish the test on time, they had been asked to pacify her while Clar went in to do the test. After which, it will be their turn.

In Parentcraft waiting for the hearing test for her left right, which she failed previously.

Still waiting. Luckily she finished the test even though it took a total of 40min.

Before heading in, make sure she is fed and …

Cait and Clar moment

Sleepy Clar trying to sleep well today.

She had went for 6 in 1 jab at Healthway clinic this morning. Both  Cait and Clar had different reaction when the needle sting on them. The latter cried on top of her lung until wifey carry her, while Cait's will be small and sweet noise.

Nevertheless, the verdict is not about comparing, but the best for them.

Piglet holding claryne's tutu in place

Getting sleepier

Spider cap for Cait

Spider cap for Cait

And suddenly she took mei mei one. *Used to be Cait's*

Funky Cait getting hip. Ok, where's her eyes?

There.... *the usual way that Cait always sound*

The good rest

It is a blessing when your kid go to sleep because it is the time for everyone to get their battery charge up.
Either that, or having their own me time.

Here's some of the photos of them.

Sleeping soundly

Cool Cait attempt to drive?

Where to huh?

She seem to look like some kinda boss look. hehe

The yellow look of Clar. She finally found her best position and stop moving since then.

La La Land!

Caught in the act by putting the Pooh in the oven!

See? She did not move at all.

Wifey decided to bun up Cait hair and they really lookalike!

Bun hairdo

For those who do not know, due to Cait cough and fever, she had been told to stay at home for a week before she can return to school.

Thanks to teacher Azizah whom called up and check up on Cait during noon time. Both hubby and Cait are unable to inform the school in the morning because it is always busy at home.
For that, hubby at the same time also fall sick. Bad cough and fever! Could Cait virus passed to him too? Now, wifey also gotten c…

Claryne magical finger

She simply hate the ribbon because it always irritate her nose.
Now, she put her finger into it and gave a nice pose

Double celebration for the Cs

Click here to view more photos, thanks.

The celebration
The Ongies would like to thanks those who help them up before the set up and the aftermath

Daniel and family - for helping to collect food
Cousin Venus and sister, Zhen Long - for helping to cook the food
Zi Ting - for helping cake distribution
Sister, bro in law and big aunt's daughter - for helping to clear up the mess and taking care of Claryne

That day, hubby and wifey had to rush down to NCCS to attend a birthday party after theirs! Their friend also came down during early noon that day, and it will not be nice not to attend too.

Furthermore, hubby wanted to take a picture for their family too.

This celebration is indeed joyous because it is a double bliss. Cait 2nd birthday and Clar full month; luckily Cait lunar b'day fall on the same day, hence a call for celebration for her too.

As usual, most of the things prepared before, will not be confusing now because of their experience. And everyone temper had kept to the …