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The tough love

Taking the cane, shove at the kids as warning is not working anymore. They know, by heart, that parents will not cane them.

This time, Cait and Clar were wrong when they tested hubby's patience.

The first stroke down is a pre warning, it will followed by the 2nd time which is slightly harder than before.

It is not easy for them to forget that moment when they realised the pain is not a joke, neither they knew that hubby is not acting at all.

He know what to do when come to disciplinary this time.

When the kids are getting out of control, such action is unavoidable.

Screaming, shouting and slamming here and there will only result the kids to follow them. Hence, hubby ensured everyone must watch what they say and the cause of action; this also include the grandparents too.

Hubby glad that Cait had progressed a lot better than before on her learning capabilities. Almost daily, hubby will spend 30min to 45min on her for Mandarin, English and Math. Since wifey is pretty busy with work,…