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Contractor and supplier for sharing

On the previous post, hubby had mentioned that he will share all the information that The Ongies had engaged the services for house renovation. That goes as well as for the items they had bought from.

The Ongies is only sharing the information they engaged before. So far, there is no big issue during the period of renovation till moving. Everything went very smooth. The cost may fluctuate, hence, it may not be the cheapest, so you have to do your own research as well.

Interior Designer house:
Charrisa from Hottoh Design

( A friendly and nice designer who will help you all the way during the renovation. She loves owner to be involved too )

The design of the kitchen.
Coordinate the entire project that includes kitchen cabinets, plastering, hacking, tiling, windows, top hung windows, sliding door for kitchen/ toilets, vinyl flooring, and plumber.
They have efficient contractors to work with them.

Curtain and blinds:
Desmond from Brix and Junior 

Renovating the home Part 11 - The final completion

Ah... neck long and everyone is wondering whether the renovation had been completed. There is no update from The Ongies!

Fret not....

Just because the elder is currently in Primary 1... which explain the slow syndrome happened.

However... yes.. proud to tell you that the whole renovation is completed! Everything will be moved during the end of the month.

After a long period of waiting time, lots of unexpected additional work to add in and unforeseen circumstances that made them push back the closing ceremony for few times. The Ongies is glad that to announce the renovation is completed over the weekend.

Was there any hiccup during the renovation?

You bet! Of course!

Was it the annoying type?

No matter how annoying the situation is, you still got to solve it amicably. If you are the hot-headed person, you will be slamming each and every contractor via social media and making everyone famous overnight.

Fortunately, every defect had been solved with an unexpected great result. As the owner…