Renovating the home Part 11 - The final completion

Ah... neck long and everyone is wondering whether the renovation had been completed. There is no update from The Ongies!

Fret not....

Just because the elder is currently in Primary 1... which explain the slow syndrome happened.

However... yes.. proud to tell you that the whole renovation is completed! Everything will be moved during the end of the month.

After a long period of waiting time, lots of unexpected additional work to add in and unforeseen circumstances that made them push back the closing ceremony for few times. The Ongies is glad that to announce the renovation is completed over the weekend.

Was there any hiccup during the renovation?

You bet! Of course!

Was it the annoying type?

No matter how annoying the situation is, you still got to solve it amicably. If you are the hot-headed person, you will be slamming each and every contractor via social media and making everyone famous overnight.

Fortunately, every defect had been solved with an unexpected great result. As the owner of the house, they solve the problem immediately and not letting the problem keep on going. It doesn't do anyone good.

Enjoy the renovation journey

Alright, here's the update of the completed stuff and The Ongies hope you enjoy it and experience with them together.

On the next post, hubby will be sharing the before and after photo, as well as the list of where they got the items from.

May you have a nice renovation journey as well. =)

Starting the vinyl flooring

The completion

Making sure the plumber did not make a mistake. hence putting them according to room

Welding for the staircase grill

Hardworking plumber

Basin with cupboard

Before the basin is on it

The completion work of vinyl flooring with the paint

Blue for parents

Sweety pink and purple for daughters

After final coating on purple

Overall look of the vinyl floor look for the house

Cupboards arrival

Installation of heavy load top hung window for balcony

Wrapping up and make sure it will not be stained

Parents cupboard and bed

Sweet pink for the kids

Picture frame window

The light for the staircase landing. Electrician had the LED tube face down so that it is brighter

Beautiful curtain for MBR

Curtain for Kids

Overall look for the kitchen and balcony

All ready!

Nice spot light

Toilet for level 1 

Clean look of the cooking area

Level 2 common toilet

Level 2 MBR toilet

The feature tiles is very pretty

Partial custom made wardrobe

The light for common walk way. There are 3 way of shining. This is border

This is center with border

LED Strip for cooking area

Dining area light

Beautiful wooden blind

It is ready!

As most of the things are in, it is time to do the closing ceremony as instructed by the FS master.
And, they have to check the calender to do invitation of deity to new house.

What come next for headache?


There are so many things to look after it, and it is not easy at all!

Check out the next posts for moving house!


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