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Here's some photos about their trip to West Coast Mac by My First Skool, CCK2.

It is nice following the kids to these outing, the teachers get some extra helps from the parents too. They also get the food on their own at Macs, which indeed training and teaching them well.

Good effort from the teachers.

Queuing up for the food

Cait again, got bitten by Clar.

Good to use, but hard to move. Long and heavy.

Cait on the blue moving cart; to think hubby had to sit with her... small cart

Long John Silver


Bring 2 strollers out, better than the twin, so heavy and bulky.

Kitten drinking milk; wondering where it went to already.

The kids looking at the kitten

Kids having fun on the machine, but it only fit well for one kid.

Sorry Clar, it is too squeeze to fit you in.

Look at the way she sat

Caned by grandma

If kids are nuisance, its their nature

Cait and Clar had not disappear from here yet; not a worry. It is just that there are too many things to take care of.

But stay tuned for their photos and video upload!

In a week time, hubby and wifey will be traveling to BKK alone for their sweety time! Finally a time that they can rest and go on for a honeymoon.

In fact, they are glad that mom will be helping out with these two monsters. Along with her, bro in law and sister will be helping to bring Cait from school, if timing allow. They will help out in all 3 days to look after them.

Clar will be entering school on the 1st of Oct, so she gonna enjoy her every moment now at home. For that, at least everyone in the house can concentrate doing their own work, especially for hubby.

The two girls had been very good, and also very naughty! Well, they are kids, right?

What hubby cannot stand is someone turning back and kept looking at them! It is as if they are doing something wrong! No, it is just some conversation that the area is hot …

Cait incident

Teachers Day is coming; wifey and Cait had prepared some presents for the teachers who had been taking care of her. Since almost all teachers dote her so much, they decided to buy the present for all teachers in the school.

Thanks for taking care of Cait in the school.

Teacher's Day gift

An art that is done by Cait.

In search of twin stroller

They had been looking high and low for a twin stroller, which fit the bills well.

McLaren - light and simple, but maneuvering it around might be a problem due to its width.
Peg Pegperego - robust, stable but way too big to go in shopping center. Keeping the seat in the car might bring you more headache.

These are the two brands hubby had it in minds.

Just when they thought they found the dream stroller - Baby Jogger! (Totally out, because it is way too expensive) But it is a good stroller - both kids can view the front  because of the height, they can even face each other or facing the person pushing them too. (Same as Peg stroller as well)