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The cry, the cold turkey

It is never easy to understand kids mentality when they throw tantrum out of the blue. How can you as a parent deal in this kind of situation?

It can be very frustrating when they do not tell you the reason.

One of the worst solution and yet not effective is to scold and beat the kids up.
This, however, is not helping at all. The situation may worsen as adult tried to force an answer out from them.

Hubby had tried all ways until he find that the best solution is to give them cold turkey treatment.

By keeping quiet while the kids cry non stop will made them know that they are no longer in control. In the end, they will give up and willing to tell you the why they throw tantrum. 
Talk to them after 10 min and keep the tone soft and stern. If it is time to say out the reason, they will.

Always emphasize that they are not allow to do it again. This may take a long time for them to realise, but it is not a bad way at all.

Kids can be very sensitive when adult accidentally do something not a…

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