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Learning to write is not an easy task

Teaching your kid is never an easy task. From manners to how they behave, from learning to talk to writing.

Now Cait is at the stage of learning to write. It is never an easy task to teach her properly, because hubby does not have the huge patience, but he did tried his best.

After seeing one of the mummies's kids managed to write, hubby felt that Cait have to start real soon.

He enforced Cait to write the alphabet every day without fail, including memorising of her own name too.

Since Cait has started her art lesson, it is better for her to learn how to hold the pencil properly. This is help her on drawing and coloring too. Not only hubby wanted Cait learn to write, he also making sure she write in the proper way/ manner. Every stroke must be accurate: straight or curve.

Alphabet like A-Z and numbering of 0-1 may seem difficult initially, How about Chinese character?

All thanks to one of the friends who posted on Facebook regarding proper way of writing Chinese character.

Very of…

The next time you photo from your mobile phone

Everyone love taking photos. But do you know something that may caused you being stalked? This is no joke, it is for safety precautious.

If you do not know about it, you should watch the video.

Always remember to set your GPS off when taking phone. This way, you will be safe because there are ways to get the metadata out from the image, even online.

If you are a geek, just like hubby, dump everything into Adobe Lightroom and export out with the location removed.(That is what hubby is using right now, pretty sure there are other ways to remove the info as well)

Unless you need to remember this particular place, then set the GPS on.

Do remember to set your privacy level when posting images online as well.

Share it if you can.

Honeywell air purifier for the kids

This is the month of ghost festival.

So be prepare to take (breathe) in a lot of burning smell anywhere. Good buddies are all around us, so do practise precautious 'The Do Not" which hubby believe that you may have read via Facebook or online.

Anyhoo, be glad that the Ongies had the air purifier at home!

During the days when Singapore is hit by the haze, hubby and wifey decided to purchase an air purifier for the sake of cleaner air for Cait. For the benefit of her health, it is wiser to have that in the room. Same goes for the heavy burning on the 1st, 15th and the end of 7th month.

It caused a lot of chaos when everyone is getting air purifiers from all shopping center. The only brand that hubby wanted is Honeywell.

Recommended via friends, he decided to get if off from Amazon instead.

It is a lot cheaper to buy via Amazon at USD98.55, even with direct express shipping.

The only thing that you need to take note is the volt. All you required is to head down to either Sim Li…

Good bye teacher Siti

Just weeks ago, Clar had to bid good bye to her favourite teacher, Siti. According to her, she had been posted somewhere else, fortunately, nearby.

Siti had been in her class for the past one year, (think so?) Everytime after putting Clar in school, when she saw Siti, she will remain quiet and walk quietly to her - even though she is crying. That time, Siti, seem like the only one that Clar is quite afraid of. (bravo bravo)

But with her leaving, the Ongies hoping that Clar will adapt well... which she is now.

First is Azizah, then now Siti.

So far, both of them had been performing very well in school. There's no major feedback about these two girls. (finger cross)

For Cait, she had been complaining about the no standing during Science alive class on Monday. Not fully knowing about her reason, wifey decided to pull her out instead.

The main cause - interests.

Cait develops well with arts instead. But because of her poor holding of pen/ pencils, she simply cannot draw well. She lov…

Cait and Clar promoted to cousin

Many things had happened along the way, mainly the good ones.

Hubby will slowly jot it down here.

One of the happiest moment - Cait and Clar had been promoted to cousin now, hurray!

Yes, hubby's sister just gave birth to a baby boy, Kyan, just weeks ago. The two girls are very excited to see him, and kept asking to carry if possible.

They did, but with special care of course.

Between the two of them, Cait is more gentle than Clar, she is a bit shy seeing him for the first time in the hospital.

Cait even ask, how did the baby come out?

"Open stomach, take it out, is it?" She asked.

Yeah, clever Cait, but that is only when it is C-sect, not natural. =) You will learn it in near future.

The Ongies would like congrats the Yeo's family! Happy parenting moment!!! Nightmare is about to start!