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Stuff arrived, Cait shopping on Saturday and laze on Sunday

Finally, the orders that wifey made had came. These are the waterproof books for Cait. All of them are from China.

Cait's book is finally here. This her waterproof books whereby she can read it during her bath time. Not to worry abt the books been soak in water tho.

She is looking at it seriously

Must be wondering what is it!

Cait and her grand pa. heh

Look into the camera, pls.

Ok.. she dun but at least her curiousity goes to the book.

Flipping the books


Flipping again...

For eating?

Doesn't look like food at all.

Not interested anymore?

Ha... look at how Cait sit! Kiao ka wor!

Another book to read?

Wifey playing with her

Sigh... why she so emo again.

Teaching her what is this...

A shirt.. to teach baby how to button her clothing

She is interested!

Looking at wifey with feeling.

That will be like in few years time...

At Sitex and Robinson Sale

Bringing Cait out to Sitex cum Robinson sale. While waiting for hubby to go toilet, wifey did the bandit-look of Cait. Of course, hubby quickly…

Hubby bringing Cait out alone

Bring Cait out is not easy especially when you are alone. But this time, hubby decided to give a try by bringing Cait out alone by car to find wifey in town. Thanks to dad who helped him to secure Cait in baby car seat in the car. Initially while trying to fit her in the seat at home, she fussed non stop because she have no idea what is going on until she is in the car.

She find it unusual by sitting in front and why everything go backwards while hubby is actually beside her.

That's how she look with full of curiosity.

Cait cannot resist by looking at the side non stop

She must be wondering why am I beside her and everything actually goes backward

Soon... she fall asleep during the journey.

Sleeping really soundly

What can she dream of?

See? In her lala land. At she slept after her meal. She was fussing before going out because she is very tired.

She is very co operative throughout the journey.

Tired Cait...

In Funan Sakae Sushi

Finally met up with wifey and head to Sakae Sushi. See? …

Cait tiring day photo story

Remember that Cait do not like to sleep when she is outside even though she is extremely tired? Last Saturday, Cait did it again! But she end up sleeping until 8am on Sunday morning which she will normally wake up at 7am. No matter how tired she is, definitely she will wake up at 4am for her milk time. How incredible huh? Pity that mom still have to wake up to feed Cait and she even complain tired at times. Hubby and wifey did mentioned a lot of times to wake them up for help, but she end up doing all this by herself.

To make this post even interesting, it will be a photo story about Cait.

Preparing to go out and she is so excited

Cait wanted to get out of the chair!

Looking Emo

Sitting straight


Looking at what?

Smile, Cait

Sweet smile

Hey! Come here!

Am I cute?

I want that!!!

Erm.. what is that...


A gift for me?

Is my armband pretty?

Itchy foot

Looking innocently cute!

For me?


Oh.. hard to get up!

I fall to the side

To the front!

Who call me?

Well... dun keep calli…