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Maritime Museum, Sea Aquarium

Sentosa Maritime Museum , Sea Aquarium

Tickets for peak days (Saturday) is at $29 per head.
More info here.

You got it! This time, they are off to the world largest aquarium!

See how good the girls are now, they have the chance to pay a visit at their age. Hubby had never went to underwater world before until... now. Right...

The Ongies and Sow family met up together at RWS before heading to the entrance.

Saturday noon, the sun is hot and glaring. Bringing more waters along is advisable. 

Luckily, the place they were heading to is air condition area. *phew*

Going out with family is a nicest thing ever, provided the kids cooperate. Well, which kids don't whine and make a nuisance? They are born to be like that, so live with it.

Even when the passer by looked at you and the kids, let them be. There's nothing to hide it at all. They are kids and a human being, they love to explore things. Don't expect them to sit there quietly and scare of everything.

But on that day, the 2 C…

Mother's day celebration

A celebration for Mother's day.
Home Celebration
Wifey with the kids

Mother, wifey and the kids.

Mother, wifey with the kids, sister with her soon coming to the world baby -mother to be.

Aunt's House Celebration
Thanks aunt for organising this gathering and celebration. All mothers received a bonquet of flowers.

Well, the kids are not supposed to be in there.... so....

The kids did enjoyed themselves for the first in the pool. Hubby is unable to draw out the camera, because it is not meant for underwater at all.

Mother's Day breakfast in school and present

My First Skool at CCK was having their interesting concept, the mummies to join the breakfast with their child.

All parents are busy, by having breakfast together is a wonderful thing, especially it is something very meaningful. Not just the parent, but the kids.

The skool decided to put per class in different days. Cait on Wednesday, while Clar on Friday.

The breakfast is light and and delicious. Apparently, Cait like it more than Clar. She seem to reject some of them, that's quite choosy for her now.

Cait simply love the milo pancakes and she munch it non stop.

While wifey was with Cait, Clar have to sit alone at the other because it is not meant for her toddler class yet.

However, when it is Clar's turn on Friday, Cait simply do not want to sit alone. End up, wifey got to entertain the two kids during the breakfast time! How sweet, yea?

Since it is for mummy only, hubby decided to stay out of the school and see them enjoying eating their food.

Of course, he have his beloved…

The girls at Kids Amaze having fun

It had been a long time since wifey had her own time and away from kids during weekend.

On Saturday morning, wifey decided to head down for an art class which she been wanted to attend such lesson since then.

Hubby did not object but encourage her to go for it. At least this is the moral support for her.

Mean while, by chance, their grandmother was on leave that day. Therefore, by bringing the kids to Kids Amaze at Toa Payoh is not a big issue! They were excited and anxious about it when they knew they will be heading down there the day before.

It was not an easy task to take care of them, running up and down, going through all the obstacle is no joke for a grown up man.

Even for the slide, hubby had to ensure Clar is tucked in properly in between his leg before heading down.

Instead of being scared, Clar enjoyed so much till they have at least 5 rounds! Hubby was dead beat by then. But the kids enjoyed to the max, but Cait still dare not to play alone. With Clar around, it is impossi…

Brunch and kids hairdo

On the unusual Saturday trip after sending the kid's grandma to work.

Cait:"I want to eat pizza", "I do not want anything, PIZZA!"
Hubby:"Alright... where to then..? I am not sure where else... and what... "
Wifey:"Hm..... let's hit to Raffles City... Skinny Pizza... I know of that one, and it taste really good!"

And so, the decision is made and they traveled to Raffles City for pizza session!

It is unusual for Cait to say that she want a western breakfast food. In order not to let her down, wifey decided on Skinny Pizza because it is healthier!

No doubt the pizza is healthy and delicious, but it does not satisfy hubby tummy well! Yah, he is a big eater and a meat lover too. Luckily they ordered the fish and chips too.

The girls enjoyed themselves with the western breakfast, which they seldom have it. A good try, indeed.

Before the girls going for their bathe and a deep nap time, wifey took off their hair …