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Lifehack - Pick a lock for your home

Just a few days ago, I had learned something new in my life.

This is a good hack, especially for the home.

Consider this is illegal, but if I can save a life, why not?

My daughter accidentally locked the door from inside, thinking someone is in the room. The aircon and air diffuser are running in there because wifey is sick and needed to rest. Therefore, I decided to make the room cosy for her first.

I decided not to blame her for a long period of time as I am trying to keep myself cool - of course, she was reprimanded for a short while.

We cannot find the keys because I remembered that I accidentally place it in the cupboard inside the room.

Knowing that the door was locked, there are 2 options for me.
- call my locksmith friend
- or pick a lock myself.

Understand that this is not a difficult lock, I decided to do it myself so I can save some buck.

Since I watched such video before, this is the time to get into practice.

The initial stage:
Tried using a credit card or a thin card is …

Long long time

Hello there!

It had been exactly 2 years since I last update this blog.

I have thought this blog may go into a stage of no return, but I am afraid not.

This area is going to be updated, as soon as I am free.

I will be sharing more and more stuff if I manage to see something interesting.

These 2 years have been very tough.

The two monsters are now in Primary school and they are coping very well.

As a parent, I must be careful on my writing because too much information may bring danger to the kids.

Ever since my last blog features my renovation, I happened to notice that there are quite a number of picture frame being build up for their lovely home nest.

If this idea came from my blog, I really appreciate that. Give credit lah, if there is.

Since this is 2018 and now it is the year of the dog, I would like to say a big Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone.

The most important is kinship and health.

Without these two, everything is nothing at all.

Let me share my health situation with you.

I am dia…