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Trip to Chinatown!

Chinese New Year is drawing nearer, so does the stalls at Chinatown too.

No doubt it is crazy to walk along the street under the hot sun, but it wasn't humid at all! Hubby felt that he is in Hong Kong, the breeze with the hot sun is not making him feel irritated.

 It was early noon when they were there, so lot of stalls are not open yet.

The kids have no idea what is going, they only care there are a lot of tibit reaching their mouth soon! 

Cait was getting tired, glad that they brought this stroller out!
But, she does not allow Clar to sit at all! Anyway, Clar does not want to sit on it as well. Hoping she will be obedient when they go for Hong Kong trip soon.

Cait's eye brightened up when she saw sweets! She immediately let Clar sit down because she want to select the sweets! Look at her, how focused she was while selecting the sweets!

The Ongies decided to have their reunion dinner at Brinjai Park for curry fish head. So, everyone headed there for a good dinner before goin…

Be safe on road

Whether you are driving, walking or even cycling, always ensure the surrounding is safe, especially you are with the kids.

Teach them about safety on road; not to run, dash across the road, or standing too near to the pedestrian crossing. Be safe than sorry, nothing can change after things happened.

With the horrifying accident happened at Tampines yesterday, it totally break hubby heart upon seeing the gruesome image. Can't imagine the distraught mother will face later on.

Rest in peace, the two brothers who were killed in the collision with the cement mixer.

Let's follow closely to this case; what will the Singaporean driver who drove the cement mixer have to say.

Cycling is a healthy sport, but do practise safety on road because you are sharing with the bigger vehicles. Both the cyclists and the drivers must always look out for each other to prevent collision. Maybe, the gov should implement cyclist pathway strongly instead of sharing.

Last but not least, condolence to th…

After Clar, now Cait

Was it like a virus flying all around?

Let's hope not tho.

After Clar had recovered, now it is Cait's turn. Fortunate enough, this is nothing serious. She was complaining of stomach pain 2 days back after she got home. As claimed, she had drank the plain water from her bottle, which is cold due to weather.

Soon after she was experiencing some stomach discomfort. She was told to eat more hot stuff, but she kept on rejecting. In the end, she did not eat a lot of food during her dinner, and at night, wifey and hubby quickly brought her to see doctor.

After the examination, Cait did have stomach wind. So that explain why she was feeling painful and discomfort. She had to stop consuming any lactose food, because that will worsen the condition.

Apparently, hubby had this umpteen times when he was young.

Everyone thought that Cait will recovered by night time (yesterday) .

But again, she was tossing and turning; she just cannot get to sleep no matter what. Without second thought, hub…

19th Jan 2013

5 years ago, hubby and wifey made the vows together in front of everyone. Now, they are conquered with the two sweetie monsters at home! Time passes like a blink in their eyes, everyone is growing up, and older.

No doubt there are fights and quarrels, but there are more sweets to cover it.

As their anniversary falls on Saturday, they decided to celebrate on Friday at Irodori Japanses Restaurant. The food is good and fresh, if you are a true fan of Sashimi, you should not skip this.

After researching on Japanese buffet, this rest is highly recommended by a lot, and wifey had wanted to try it for a long time.

To make the day special, hubby decided to bring her there!

After trying so many foods, hubby simply love the salmon sashimi and the fried rice. Please do not forget to call for grill prawn as it is complimentary for first serving!

What hubby love about this buffet rest is the amount of food being served. It is unlike the conventional type, where you pick the food on your own, havi…

Too many strollers

Look at that, the Ongies had too many strollers in the house!

On the left, Peg Piko P3, it was bought before Cait is born
Graco was bought before Clar is born
The pink was bought for the kids to play
The Mothercare twin  stroller was given by someone else.
The MacLaren Volo was bought for the trip to HongKong soon.

Peg Piko P3 is a good stroller, being big in size and heavy, it is also safe when pushing it. Going up the escalator, no problem. Folding up is compact, good for storing at home or in car.

Graco is a lot lighter than Peg stroller. If you do not mind the closure being a little big, it is good for normal usage. Storage at home and car is relatively alright, but can be a little bulky.

Mothercare twin stroller is very heavy and too big! Of course, this is comparing to the single stroller then. Having putting at home or car is going to cause a lot of headache. Hubby is driving Latio sedan, having woofer and crate to store the car equipment, with this twin stroller in it, there are l…

Whatever post

Clar was down again with fever, as not to spread the virus to her school mate, The Ongies decided to make Clar at home for 2 days.

It was noon when Clar was feeling very uncomfortable; during that point of time, it was either the clinic are closed for resting, or the doctor are out of town.

After searching via internet, they found that there's a clinic located at Bukit Panjan accept wifey company mediguard.

The doctor gave Clar a high dosage for her fever; it worked and she is slowly regaining her energy.

Cait, on the other hand, was worried for Clar. She insisted Clar to go to school.

On Friday, grandma wanted to make Clar stay at home again, but she was feeling very sad - same goes for Cait.

When hubby asked Clar if she wanted to go school, she refused to answer. She was very happy when hubby wanted to bring to school before grandma wanted her to stay at home.

Just when hubby was about to bring Cait to school, he asked Clar again. Out of sudden, she ran and wanted to put on her…

A day in IMM

Cheeky Clar in the car.

Cait was pointing to this battery operated animal roller when she saw it; she kept insisting she wanted to sit on it!

Well, since she requested, wifey gave her a chance to sit on it. But again, she is showing her whining expression when she was told to sit alone. Hubby told her that he will be beside her no matter what... till he gave up and sat behind her on this animal.

He was hoping that the machine will not die suddenly because of hubby weight.

So, Cait feel very happy and safe when hubby sat behind her for few mins. Suddenly, Clar wanted to sit on it too.
But she rejected after putting her on his thigh.

After few mins had passed before the session end, Cait finally let Clar sit behind her, and that last only 1min. Nice timing indeed.

They had fun sitting on the animal.

Hubby was trying out his new wide angle lense, so he decided to take a test shot image. While messing around, and wanted to capture Clar, suddenly she had her oily finger wipe on the lense…