Finally getting the thing done up!

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Early morning bathe before heading out to TMC for her checkup

Tigger trying to pose with Cait

Hubby and wifey along with mom had so much things to pack as they are going to bring Cait out for the first time! This is not easy as there are some stuff to make sure of, like diapers, hot water, napkin, milk powder, bag, extra clothings and wrapper. But they ended up did not bring a cup to warm up the milk! Luckily they managed to borrow a warm cup of water from TMC nusery to heat up the milk bottle.

It is quite a busy day in the morning as they are heading to TMC to get some stuff done. After hubby dropping them at TMC, they went to PD for baby check up but they have to wait for 30min-45min. So during this period of time, they head down to registeration counter and get the birth cert done. Luckily wifey have already taken the number and it is going very slow at that period of time. Just nice, a guy from TMC passed by and helped them along regarding to birth cert registration of what they are suppose to do. When wifey was telling him about the baby bonus, parents must bring along their passbook in order to do it. At the same time, they can inquiry at the small OCBC booth nearby.

Few min passed when wifey went to ask if they can open the account at OCBC and get the baby bonus. It is pretty easy as what they need to do is to open an account at OCBC, the guy will then submit all the information to the HQ. Both normal saving account and CDA will open at the same time. At the min of the rush, number called for them to do the birth cert and that took about 10min odd because the CSO is a Malay guy and incredibly that he have to take some time to find the Chinese character! Not easy for them though.

Payment is $38 for doing the Birth Cert there and she is now officially name: Caitlyne Ong Yun Yi, 王妘伊.

Back to OCBC: the guy is very nice to tell them that bank in of money is $500 within a month, and since baby bonus of $1000 will come soon, just let them bank in and take it as the first $500 is the initial deposit! Isn't that hassle free?

After the CDA, OCBC Mighty Saver account and Birth Cert had been done, they went up to PD and continue to wait for doctor.

They thought of doing the metabolism test as to check for Caitlyne, but they decided not to since everything will be fine and Fabbie also never went for it as well. Cost will be $120 for blood test.

Dc Koey checking her

Small right?

Sound asleep until later.... she making a lot of small noise

First time in the stroller!

Cait got some medicine to take in like antibiotic, using the syringe to inject into her mouth by swallowing it , for her eyes virus. And nose cream as to apply on it because her tears will make the virus substance roll down to her nose and breathe in. As for the adult, try not to get too close to her, and even yes, beware of getting the same virus as her. So everyone try not to get too close to her like head to head.

The virus is due to wifey got the Grp B Strep growth because she did a swap test on Monday. By Wednesday, wifey did not know whether the result is out already, so there's no antibiotics for her and end up that cait have to take it instead. Hope she recover within a week.

With everything done up, they went for a quick lunch before visiting 2 mummies as they just admitted to hospital yesterday around 11pm! How coincidence! They are just like sisters, babies like to stay in there for so long, admitting the same day and time, somemore same level! The funniest thing is that though both admit on the same day but different timing, KP somehow gotten the last single room while Jam had to admit to 4 bedders until the noon time before hubby and wifey visiting her, she finally moved to single room.

The single room they gotten is the standard type unlike what Marie and wifey gotten, which is deluxe single room. Most importantly is a good rest. Jam was complaining about the noise when she was in 4 bedders!

Both Jam and KP really have a heavy baby! They weight about 3kg plus each! Comparing to this delicate Caitlyne, it is really small house looking at big one.

It is time for her to drink milk and hubby quickly ran out of the room and feed her with milk.

Sleeping soundly outside the ward as hubby and wifey went to visit 2 mummies at the same level of diff rooms

Haha... the funny face

Finally they went home after so many things done up in TMC. Cost charges is $4 and thanks that hubby still have the extra complimentary ticket so he end up paying only $3 instead. Both hubby and wifey went to Lot One and get more thing after dropping mom and Cait home.

Things that they have to buy:
Pearl powder (simply put a little on her tongue and let her eat). This is to clear more toxin in her. Damage: $20 which is divided into 4 packets.
Dried flower (for her to bathe and put a few of the flower in the pillow and place it beside her). This clear off the jaundice.
Body wash for Caitlyne, so that she will smell great!
Coco powder for wifey, so that it will increase more milk supply. End up, their neighbor went to Sheng Siong and buy another brand of Coco, which is suppose to be better.

Last but not least, more funny photos from Caitlyne Ong today!

She look so steam



Can't help it with this photo even thought it went out of focus! Her pose is so funny!

Girly posture

Wifey told her that if she make noise, she must finish everything up, ok? Suddenly, her face expression went on stoning like that!


Karate! Anyone?

Cute cute cute!

Hugging tigger

Haha.. if the milk bottle is beer, it really look like she is drunk.

OMG, look at the expression!


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