Qing ming festival

Every year, without fail, the relatives will gather and head up to Lim Chu Kang cemetery to pay a 'visit' to their grandfather during qing ming festival.

It is nothing new for Cait and Clar to go there. They may not know who is it and what is this place all about. Guessed that no one actually explain because Cait didn't asked.

In order to beat the crowds, massive jams, and burning of papers, all of them decided to head up 2 weeks earlier. Hubby remembered that only small vehicles are allow to go in, which is his uncle's. For hubby's dad bus, no way.

Heading earlier is a good thing, there are not a lot of many people, vehicles and very peaceful.

As usual, they will open up 2 tents:
For ah gong and for the rest of them.

Mar 17 2013
Praying to ah gong

They bought a lot of foods and drinks to picnic in cemetery, yes, you hear it.. Picnic in cemetery.

There's nothing to be afraid of, it became so common until some others did follow suit as well. If hubby was not mistaken, it is because the elderly worry that everyone will be hungry when they are there, hence the food support is there for everyone.

Since then, it became like a routine for The Ongies relatives. The weather is going to be insane; cold drinks are available as well.

Mar 17 2013 (1)

Mar 17 2013 (2)
Chairs were brought there for the kids to sit. Perhaps ah gong also enjoyed the company too.

Mar 17 2013 (3)
Do not forget something very important... the curry chicken cooked by Mom.

This year, hubby is filming for the family - a short film perhaps. Hence, wifey will be in charge of some photography as well.

All thanks to cousin, Venice, whom sent some images taken on that day as well.

Mar 17 2013 (4)

Mar 17 2013 (5)

Mar 17 2013 (6)

Mar 17 2013 (7)

Mar 17 2013 (8)

Mar 17 2013 (9)

Mar 17 2013 (10)

Mar 17 2013 (11)

Mar 17 2013 (12)
The camera hubby was using for filming. It will take a while for him to do the editing, so do stay tuned.

In the other world, hubby wonders. Will they be able to use these stuff? They are made of papers, with no motherboard or engine mounted, how does this move.

It is very interesting to see this innovative design.

Hubby chosen a big yacht and a BM X7 for ah gong. They bought a lot in JB; a yacht, perhaps is selling about SGD40. Hoping he will be able to use them well.

Mar 17 2013 (13)

Mar 17 2013 (14)

Mar 17 2013 (15)

Mar 17 2013 (16)

Mar 17 2013 (17)

Mar 17 2013 (18)

Mar 17 2013 (19)
Do not worry about going hungry, food are all there to finish up.
All the praying foods were either chopped and share among families.

Mar 17 2013 (20)

Mar 17 2013 (21)

It was a terrible hot weather when they went there. It was lucky for them, it began to rain when they were packing up to go home, and it was a very heavy rain!

The kids were very tired by then, having enduring the hot sun and heavy meal... that explains.


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