Renovating the home Part 10

More photos to share!

As most of the dirty and noisy works had been completed, it is time to get low profile in case the neighbour still start screaming! (alright, let's be fair, you can't escape with loud noise because of renovation period, and let alone it is a maisonette!)

It was a busy day because there are a lot of people in the house doing their part - electricians, air con and plastering guys.

Electricians of 4 completed their task by 5 pm, while the plumber just came in at 3 pm to start their work.

Fortunately, the air con guys from Gain City had reinforcement by 4 pm because they cannot finish it on time as it is a system 5. Meaning to say, there are a lot of hacking and trunking to mount involved which take up a lot of times. It was 5.15pm when the compressor is up, and they required more people to help out from bottom. (It is not light at all)

Even though the day was chaotic, everyone managed to complete their work by 7 pm (light works)

On the other days, electrician came over and finished up some of the points after confirmation, while the tiler continued to finish up some of the small works.

Kitchen cabinets had also arrived at the same time. (Hurray)

Plaster guys did a fantastic job, especially the ceiling level.

Last look belfore the plaster wall is up.

Master bedroom toilet

Plastering wall

Air con unit

Fridge area

The big system 5 compressor

Let the drilling start!

There are a lot of drilling involved for the air con

Electrician at work

Cutting to allow air con trunking to pass through

MBR unit is up

Laying of trunking

Working hard to put trunking

Study room unit is up

Messy area

Pipes for the air con to flow out

Drill drill drill

When more contractor gather, they make friends.

Plumber working hard and very fast!

Electrician is about to complete their task

Bracket that came very late

Air con guys from other teams working hard together

After the busy day

After the busy day, the house is extremely quiet because contractors came in at different day and time.

Plumber managed to finish up the pipes in the house.

At the same day, AOSmith is here to install the water heater tank.

The weather roller blind contractor also came in to fix up at the highest level of the house. Bear in mind, you will not want to stand there and look down because there are no window or any grip at all.
Just a concrete slab that you can hold on to it.

Faint hearted personnel should not even see what they are doing on site!

Everyone did a fantastic job!

The next 2 day, vinyl flooring contractor had to cement screed the floor before laying because they have to make sure the floor is even and flat.

They also have move the obstructive object away before doing that. It is not easy for them because some of the items are not light at all.

On the next post, you will be shown on the 'almost' finished project.
(There are still some minor touch up to be completed as for now)

Stay tuned.

Completed job by the plumber

Awesome unit is up.

Kitchen sink

Common toilet pipes

Painter uncle putting coats after coats

AOSmith water heater

Blue for parents room!

Ready for kitchen cabinet!

Water heater tank is up!

Furniture arrived!

Fixing the sink

Guess what it will be?

Holes been cut for...

Covering the pipes

Talking and chit chatting. 

Finishing up!

Cut for this standing!

Ta dah! Kitchen is up!

The tiles is up!

Required wooden frame at the side

Guess what is going on

Cementing screed the floor

Measurement. You won't want to look down.

Look so high up!

Transferring of weather roller blind to the balcony


Done for the room before vinyl flooring

Daughter room

Swee bo?

Beautiful flooring


Clearing up the ends

Help to clear up some stuff

Before they start polishing off the cement hill on floor

last fixing

Putting some chemical for the cement to stand on it

Sticky sticky


It have to put for a day to let it dried up

Everywhere in the house.. Plaster wall covered

See you the next day!


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