Young Living EO RDT method for heel and tendon pain

Having difficulty and being in pain while standing and walking is one of the most terrible feeling hubby had to endure.

While standing the pain will be lessen but that does not make walking any easier.

Hubby encountered this excruciating pain before, it will come out of the blue and last for weeks. Hence, he decided to do further research online on what type of pain this was, what causes it. The result - Achilles Tendon Inflammation.


Hubby had these 2 type of pain as shown above. The pain that was near the ankle, back heel, was due to achilles tendon, while the pain that was localised at the bottom of the foot was plantar fasciitis.

Such pain is often caused by improper foot wear and long distance walk without knowing you have had already injured the tendon, there will be no warning sign. And in hubby case, excess weight added to the pressure and increased the pain.

There are only a few thing you can do when facing this terrible pain.

  1. Ignore it, grit your teeth and hobble around.
  2. See a doc and get the painkiller or injection.
  3. See a TCM or masseur, and more likely to get the pain worsen than before.
  4. Natural method like adjusting diet and using essential oil.

Since wifey had been using the essential oil for one year plus, hubby decided to ask for help when he couldn't endure the pain anymore.

First, wifey gave hubby a blend of 3 oils that helps with pain relief - which is MORPHINE BOMB.

That was the expression hubby had when he heard the name.
However, he was in severe pain and he was willing to try ANYTHING.

After trying the morphine bomb, which is in the capsule (yes, it is edible), hubby felt the pain is more bearable. However, he did not know whether if it is the oil the helps him, or was it in his mind.

 RDT (Rain Drop Technique)

source: lifebythewaterside

The next method -  RDT (Rain Drop Technique) massage by wifey.

Essentialy, it was just layering 9 different oils one after another on the affected area.

Now, immediately after 1 RDT session, hubby could feel the difference. Pain is indeed tolerable and he is able to walk effortlessly, although there is still some slight swelling from past few days of inflammation pain.

Hubby had to continue this RDT session for few more rounds before it was a full recovery.

Coincidentally, hubby decided to write about this post after encountering a cousin who recently had the same pain. So wifey had passed some oil to the cousin to try it, so she would not have to suffer and amazingly, her pain was better the next day after applying the RDT oil and morphine bomb.

Do not massage hardly when you feel that your heel is feeling stiff and sore. This may result to serious inflammation. Walk slowly or quickly do a round of RDT before it may go serious, especially during cold and chilling weather. 

Hence, hubby would like to share as he know there are a lot of people suffering from this pain in silent.

Disclaimer: Above usage work for hubby himself and his cousin and this is purely for sharing purpose. Feel free to drop a comment.


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