Getaway trip - Batam

June, the holiday for the kids. This means the parents have to find time to entertain them during this 1 month period.

Do not expect them to take their books out and start revising for the next term. If they do that daily, congrats that your kids are definitely a bookworm, or really the studious type.

Most of us have the no low-energy kiddos, they are out to play and watch TV for the holiday season!

Today is their first day of school after a long break. (Finally it is over!)

All photos are taken using only mobile phone: Sony Z5P and LG V20.

I did not bring the DSLR to this trip so that I can enjoy to the max.

Upcoming video for the holiday

I have 2 videos coming out to share with you - 1 is during the March holiday on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Mariner of the Seas and another is a trip to Pulau Ubin - Survivor School.
Because the videos have a lot of footage to put in, I will require a bit of time to take out most of the unimportant part (to ensure the video will not be too long that bored you)

Weekend getaway

Compared to the previous I went to Batam, this is the first time I really enjoy the stay there. All thanks to wifey who make it happen.

This getaway trip is not about The-Ongies, but with a group of close parents from the same kiddos Primary School.

All thanks to one of the parent's hubby are working there, so it makes things easier for us to travel and communication.

We totally enjoyed the whole trip despite it is only 2 days 1 Night. This trip is not as tiring as the cruise because the entertainment on the ship is non stop. We hardly stay in the room. I will share more on the next blog once the video is completed.

Now for the most important part, you want to where do we go and what to look for, right?

Location of food and fun

This is the list we did.

Boarding of Sindo Ferry from SG to Batam - 1hr


Buddhist Temple - Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Monastery 

I am glad to pay a visit here because this is the first time I see such a big statue of Buddha.
For peace and safety.

Go-Kart - Bengkong SGD50 for 10min

The first time I took Go-Kart and with Cait. Much as she like cars, she does not dare to step on it and drive faster.
(The speed for this Go-kart is not as fast you thought. So, it is generally slower, but for twin seat (adult and child), the speed is much faster.)


Belalang Adventure - Few min drives from Go-Karting

The place where you enjoy ATV, Flying fox, obstacle course, air rifle,  archery and paintball shooting range (just shooting the target).

Please expect the items are in well-maintained condition.

This is considered very fun for the kids.

Riverside Live Seafood

As this is the season of durian, expect to have a lot of houseflies flying over you non stop.
Just enjoy the food while working out (moving ur hand to chase the flies away).

If you are seafood lover, do not forget to try the steam fish as well. They are great.

The journey from the adventure to Riverside restaurant will take approximately 30min to reach.

Note: do not leave your belonging in the car for safety cautious - as a reminder by the driver.

Radisson Golf & Convention Center

About 15min drive from the ferry point to this grand hotel.

I will rate this hotel full mark because of the cleanliness and atmosphere. For golf lovers, you will know this place well.

As we have to take the connecting room, it is only available at 3rd, 5th and 9th floor. And, at the same time, the 3rd and 5th are the smoking floor. We can accept it because the smoke isn't that bad at all.

For the connecting room, one of the bedroom bathrooms does not have a shower door, everything is exposed unless you draw the curtain.

This is mainly for a wheelchair-bound client, so do not be alarmed.

There is plenty of areas where you can sit and relax during a cup of water. Because I am an audio person, I appreciate good sound system with pleasant music selection - chillout/ lounge.

Not to forget there is a sauna, adult only swimming pool on 10th floor, and ground floor swimming pool. The environment is perfect to me.

I did not explore the gold area because there is no time and I have to start picking up gold despite having a set now.

There is archery as well, but it is not free - located on the ground floor near the swimming pool.

If you have not been there, go book it.

(based on experience)

The dinner at Mickey Mouse - Zi Char

All ladies went for a good spa massage, the daddies are the nanny for the few hours.
The swimming pool itself is already good for them to be entertained.

As the time is getting late for dinner, everyone was famished and we forgot to take a group photo!

So we arrive earlier than the rest.

Worth to eat - Four heavenly, Bak Kut Teh, fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce and many more.

Based on my memory, this should be the exact location because I remember the wall and the zinc roof colour.  Ask the driver, he will know. A great place for food.

After our dinner, it is time for bowling at BCS mall.

We did not walk longer in the mall as it is late at night and shops are all closing.

This bowling alley resembles the early 90s because of the layout and computer. It is a memory you will not forget because of the technology and the badly used bowling ball. Apparently, the kids are not bothered and have great fun with it.

Live Seafood at Kopak Jaya Kelong 007

This is our last day on the 2 Day 1 Night staycation.
From the hotel, it will take about 35min drive to the Kelong. It is located at the end of the island.

Here is the map.

There is 2 live seafoods resturants at the bottom. We opt for 007 because of the pricing.

We also get to sit on top of the floating platform - we will get the aftermath movement whenever a boat passed us. It is an interesting experience, especially with your kids.

They get to see how Kelong look like the live seafood, and village with zinc roof with minimal furniture in the house.

They do not have the nice concrete floor like we do. All they feel is mud whenever it rain.

This experience, I hope will broaden their knowledge and feel appreciated.

This is a rollercoaster drive. Driving up high before you descend, the view is terrific.

To have the experience of what I had, I included the Google Map location.

Note: this is the 2-way traffic, they must be very careful when heading up!

This is the start of the rollercoaster - going up.

This is the location where the view is terrific.

The staircase to walk down to the floating platform. It works according to the tide.

Recommended by the driver. Coconut with orange. Taste weird like drinking chilli. You get used to it.

Famished parents. Must not forget to take a photo together.

All thanks to the driver, Joni, who fetch us thru and fro for the 2 days trip.

If you are looking for a nice Chinese driver in Batam, look for him.

And we end off with A&W. Curly fries with Root Beer Float.

A photo that I bomb in suddenly.

 Till the next holiday trip!


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