Renovating the home Part 9

The process of this renovation seem a bit slow, right?

Now, let's buckle up and move forward the renovation stage.

After the hacking and demolition, things will go very fast.

After purchasing the items for the house, a good shopping trip thou, put on hold for all delivery first until it is time for them to deliver it over. You wouldn't want everything to come in at the wrong time because there is no where you to put your items safely!

The priority is getting the level one and wet area to be completed as soon as possible. So that, the rest of the contractor can move in without delaying the project.

Enjoy the photos for The Ongies reno process!

Final hacking stage

Kitchen area where the wall need to be hack off due to weak blocks

Constructing of picture frame window

To be hacked off for more kitchen space

Removal of lights.

 Cementing work

Starting of cementing in wet area

The super nice tiler uncle - ah peng!

Vinyl flooring for selection

Aftermath after cementing in common toilet. Everything is raw and dark

Water proofing

Does it look dark and narrow? light color will help alot

Dirty works

Cement dried up and time for tiling phase

Toilet view

 Window and kitchen

Constructing of top down sliding window

The empty look of the house

View from bottom

Tiler ah peng did a great work for making area nicer

Part of the windows lying around. They managed to finish up within a day

Picture frame look

The washing area

Corner that had been plaster properly

Completing of window

Look pretty, right?

Bedroom window done up

All panels able to slide all to a corner

Constructing of wall to break the flow of angry element

Repair works for broken tiles on stairs

Cementing the core wall

The cooking area

Cementing the wall properly

Overall look for the toilet area

Another tiler fixing the tiles in the toilet

Placement of tiles confirmed

Hardworking tiler uncle cementing the floor

Completion of plastering work for the whole house

Tiles for the balcony area

Toilet look

Completion of the balcony area

Level 1 toilet completion!

Plastering work by others

Parts of kitchen items delivered

Plastering of ceiling

Once the plastering is up, next come the painting, plumbing, false ceiling and electrician.

Coordinating different contractors are a big challenge, especially when you engage other party and not your designer side. Hiccups are bound to have, it is important the overall renovation completed with happiness and not anger against one another.

If there is unhappiness, it is a must to sound out because being able to communicate will make everyone communicate better.

Because hubby work as commercial photographer, he have more free time to check on the progress and making the workers feel comfortable so that it is easy to communicate with them in good terms.

So far, everyone are working fine and get along very well. It is a blessing for all.

More photos coming up on next blog!


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