Renovating the home Part 8

The renovation is getting faster after the hacking.

Everyone is rushing to complete the job as The Ongies does have tight schedule to meet because the FS Master Jet Li, had given them a timeline to complete the project. That will fall under closing ceremony and inviting of god to the new house.

For house renovation, there is no theme for The Ongies. Because they firmly believe that theme will go out of trend, or you get sick and tired of the look. Renovation cost is not small, so it is advisable for home owner to confirm before proceeding.

Other than that, as hubby had mentioned before, FS is your technical designer. Arrangement and color suitable for the house is all depend on FS master because he have to ensure the house energy flow is good.

The unit they got is suitable for black and white. As much as possible, try avoiding the silver as much as possible; so long the house is not covered with silver (because window itself is aluminum)

Tiles selection

It is fun to choose tiles that you like. But it is a headache if you have to match living room vinyl flooring, balcony flooring and wall tiles.

Hubby have strong visualisation, so it is not a big problem for him to imagine the layout.

After going through the entire kitchen tiles, next come with bathroom. By then, hubby was drained by visualising the whole look.

It is still interesting for selection, but after a while, you get more and more annoyed because every tiles are just too pretty to choose!

You will not believe that The Ongies visited the tiles shop again and again. Because there are unexpected last minute decision for changes.

(Just as hubby intend to show the tiles, he realised that he did not snap the photo of the tiles. Nevertheless, you will soon see the final product of the tiles)

Aftermath of hacking

Everything had been deposed and now this is final look before the real work start.

The wet work area will be the first to start - level 1 kitchen, toilet and balcony.

They must first hack off, water proof it before laying the cement with tiles. These will require few days.

The Ongies respect the tiler uncle a lot. He did a fantastic job and advise along the way. With his 20 years of experience, hubby take his hat off!

On the next post... toilet will be up and ready!

Notice the old aircon?

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Toilet that ahad been hacked

Nicely hacked

Unexpected hole after hacking off the sealed area

All cement in and ready to work on it

They are ready

Cleaner look under the stair

Nice hacking


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