Renovating the home Part 7


The Ongies feel comfortable and reasonable to purchase the items from the selected store they visited. For pricing, they may not be the cheapest, so if you are looking for cheapest deal, this is not the article you are looking for. The Ongies only share their happy experience. Please do homework by visiting more stores. End of the day, you must be happy with the purchase!

From the last blog post, hubby had mentioned that they went to JB to purchase some electrical items based on good reviews which wifey had researched via forum and internet information.

Bear in mind, you bear all responsible by purchasing items from JB, and each person in the car can buy up to S$150, so the more people in car the merrier. (Do look out for space to put your things also!)

It is not difficult to drive to JB and buy the things you need for your new home.

Before purchasing your items, do remember to fill up your tummy first! Food at there is marvelous! Hubby love the wanton mee there a lot!

Alright, let's show you the map to get to the shop and as well as the makan place! (Need visualisation? You need GOOGLE STREET VIEW!)

Straight after chopping your passport in car lane, stick to the right when going up the slope and then keep to the middle lane before going down the fly over to make a right turn.

 After turning right, go straight all the way by keeping right. After Pelangi mall, you will see diagonally on your right, there is a Good Year tyre shop. Turn right in (as shown below)

After turning in go straight and make a U turn. Once after U turn, keep left and enter the small lane, which you will be able to see Lavender bakery (a big chocolate color building). Drive further down, you will see YES Electrical Supply. (For red line)

If you intend to find Adelco bathroom accessories, locate the blue arrow on the map instead.

Once you see Bak Kut Teh and after crossing the big canal, you are just 100m away from the store. You can park in front of the shop by removing the stand yourself. If it is occupied, then you got to park somewhere before the canal. Hubby often park near the massage area because that small lane allow him to drive back to the entry of the road.

Notice the green circle area where hubby indicated the good makan area?

That is the coffee shop you can pay a visit!

There are 2 of them just beside one and another, and opposite another Good Year car servicing center.

The food are marvelous. There are delicious XO bee hoon chicken or pork meat etc... and beside the coffee shop, there are nice char kway teow, you tiao, wan tan mee porridge and curry chicken noodle.

Fill up your tummy before heading to buy your items.

VIP lighting is consider like Singapore pricing, which is slightly expensive but still reasonable to buy from there. They have a lot of nice downlight, weather proof lighting, hanging light.. all kind of beautiful lights you looking for, they should have it.

There is another shop further down, near to another Giant supermarket, named Yako. That is the store that The Ongies didn not head there at all.

Since most of the items can be bought from this 2 stores, why travel all the way down further? If you have time and wanted to explore more, do scout around the area.

YES Electrical Supply

Above photos are the surrounding of YES electrical supply.

The Ongies love to pay a visit to YES because the boss is very friendly. They are the main supplier, therefore there isn't anything for you to see as if you are in the show room.

So hubby encourage you to go there and ask the boss for downlights, T5, ceiling fan and a lot more.

You will be surprise that the ceiling fan they bought, along with the recess and surface mounted lights, are not even a cost of the ceiling fan in Singapore. And that is KDK brand hubby is talking about.

 Do some research, you be able to find their Facebook page and ask them via Whatsapps. (Great service, huh)

If you are looking for typical downlight, surface or recessed, they are the one for you. Only if you are not particular about the look. It just look neat and simple for hubby, because he dislike complicated design.

Do not worry about buying KDK fan in JB

Wifey did some research about buying fan from JB.

You bear the consequences for buying things from JB (isn't that the same you buy from Taobao?)

Singapore KDK installer will not install JB fan for you. (YES will provide you the installer for installing the fan in Singapore. *Only when you ask for it*)

This installer, Ah Zhi, is popular in reno forum but he only response if you are client of YES. He is very good at balancing the fan, so rest assured your fan is on his hand. Cost is less than $100.

Adelco Living

Due to high traffic, parking before the canal is recommended.

Adelco is on the left ahead

You will see Bak Kut Teh before reaching Adelco Living

Notice the stand on the left? Remove that, you can park at this lot. Meant for Adelco Living customer

Main door

Look from the main road

Do some homework if you are looking for nice larder and corner rack. Adelco items are from Spain and the base seem quite solid as compared to SG. Cost is about the same but the material differ a lot. If you are into corner rack, make a trip down and do some comparison before committing.

This is the corner rack they purchase. Quite sturdy tho.

The larder they bought to put the sauces

The next purchase
Upon buying these stuff, The Ongies were entitled to get free dish rack from Adelco! In total till date, they have 3 dish rack free from Adelco!

As the items are very bulky, make sure your car boot is empty! If not MY custom officer will be saying hello to you.

Make sure you glance through the entire Adelco before committing, unless you are tight for timing. The Ongies also purchase toilet mirror rack from Adelco as well. Due to high cost for fabrication, they decided to buy off shelve. So there is little carpentry work.

Tadah... the entire things they bought over few trips in JB. There are more items now, of course.

Impressed by season fan installer

Because the current house ceiling fan is dead, they had called the installer, Ah Zhi, over to install the new KDK fan they just purchased. That's how they know this installer is very good.

The Ongies had bought Regal ceiling fan 2 years back and it just went dead suddenly. They were told that this fan cannot be turn on for more than 45min, because capacitor will burn off very fast. (duh duh duh.. google Regal... and you know who is selling it)

When Ah Zhi was installing the JB KDK fan, he found out that the cable used by the previous installer are super poor quality electrical cable. It was aluminium that is coated with copper color! You can pull it break by using your hand.

The entire cable was burned, and that is the reason why the fan is not working at all! Ah Zhi have to rectify and find out the original cable and change it with the same cost they engaged him. Fast and super good at electrical and balancing.

If you need electrician, you know who to look for.

Because of his tight schedule, The Ongies cannot engage him to do up the electricity for their house. With friend's help,  they were very happy to locate another electrician who are able to match their budget! (Will explain in next few posts)


If you are able to visit JB by car, it will be a lot easier for you. Just stay safe and blend in with the crowds.

Always do research before committing, unless you are very busy and tight timing for renovation.

The Ongies find it less tiring to purchase most items when they found the nice shop. They want to save the timing and get the job completed due to rush renovation timeline.

Check out the next post on the renovation in house!


tongtong13 said…
Can I have ah Zhi number ? How much will he charge ? Per fan install ? Can sums his number to me 98760907 :)
LivingShack said…
Thanks for sharing about the faulty remote control. It seems like a great product but they are unreasonably pricing the ordinary folk out of the market. buy ceiling fan online singapore

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