Welcome to The Ongies blog.

Thanks for reading up our family little stories with their precious daughters - Caitlyne and Claryne.

Why Blog?

Ever since wifey was pregnant on the year 2008, hubby decided to set up this blog to document everything about the kids till date.

On the year 2009/11, their first and second daughter, Caitlyne and Claryne were born.

The actual fact is -  hubby love to write and document everything, because he thought he can be an author... (Please bear a bit, hubby English might not be so 'tok gong' one, ok?)

Who are The Ongies?

Wifey - Research Specialist
Hubby - Professional photographer/ business owner

And then...?

Well, it is an exciting journey with the two monster princess because they never fail to make everyone squabble and make a mess of the whole house.

It is great to stay under one roof with hubby's parents because there are a lot of support and helps.


Continue blog about interesting facts, and thing they came across with. Knowledge is infinity, it is nice to share with you.

Thank you!


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