Renovating the home Part 6

When the messy get messier, it is time for the clean up.

The Ongies was very astonished that the worker took 2 days to hack off almost all the majority stuff, and cleared it the following weekend where they are only allowed for light sound works.

The entire place is easier to walk than before and with all the hacking done, everyone felt so at ease because light is shining through and the most important once the wall had been hacked off - the wind.

Immediately, the suffocating stale corner had allow wind to pass through and yes, it is a breeze.

With the clearing up of the place, the next stage that The Ongies had to decide will be the tiles for toilets and kitchen.

Presentation of the house

The most important part for the house will be level one.

So they have to make sure that kitchen and living room must be presentable. Hubby wanted to retain as clean and neat as possible.

Kitchen is the heaven space for women, so most of the idea will come from wifey side and the designer will help to fine tune the design.

There are quite a lot of changes for kitchen until the day they met the furniture maker for final decision.

Buying items from Johor Bahru

While all these things are progressing, The Ongies spare no effort to slow down but to do a lot of research on where to buy the items from JB.

With the exchange rate of 3.x, it is the best time to head in and buy your electrical items.

Wifey did a lot of research and she finalised with few places which were highly recommended by users in forum and online blog.

They had selected 3 electrical shops to go to in JB, but in order to save some time and effort, they decided to drop out the furthest - which is in Tampoi and Yako Electrical store.

The nearest they went to is VIP and Yes Electrical Store, which were highest recommneded by Singaporean. (Will post more on next post)

Remember, exchange rate is already very low, and they had saved quite a lot. Thus, they have no intention to go in further.

If they ever wanted even lower cost, Taobao is another source of shopping platform. But who can guarantee the items to arrive safely and on time?

To eliminate the hassle, they go direct to JB and buy the items every few days; at least the items are on your hand immediately. Remember, if you are purchasing items from JB, the max value per person is S$150. If there are people stopping you because you bring out too many things, you know how to handle it.

Here's the updated images for the final demolishing.

As everything had been hacked off, the whole house look duller and boring because there is not enough reflective light at all. So everything seem dirty and smaller.

Once the house nicely furnished with tiles and paint, it will be another thought from hubby.

Hacking of wall tiles at balcony

Debris been moved to one side

Debris for the balcony on floor

Hacking off the window and door

Demolishing part of the wall with a hole

The overall look at kitchen

Another view at the hole

The 'shiok' feeling of seeing things been tore down

Debris all over but the workers had created a path for everyone to walk

The false ceiling been tore down.

During the weekend, the workers had cleared up the entire space

The after math

Look at how neat the space is now

Spacious and airy

Look at the kitchen when everything is bare

Tiles had arrived!

Room is cleared as well

That hole gotta be seal up later on


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